chest and triceps workout

Chest and Triceps Workout

Do you think workout supplements are enough for making muscles? No, you can’t build muscles without any exercise. The question arises, are you taking a desiring exercise? People use protein shakes and many other supplements to grow their muscles.

If you dream of being a bodybuilder, then go for a chest and triceps workout. The strength of the chest will help you to look more muscular. It can be some weight lifting or any cardio exercise. After that, the question arises, can you do chest and triceps workout together?

Why Triceps and Chest Workouts Are Together?


Have you ever listened to the combo of best exercises? If yes, you will probably know why you should get training chest and triceps workout together? There are repetitions of activities that we are declaring as reps.

Heavyweight exercise is to activate your body muscles. Bodybuilders have been following this combo technique for many years. Similarly, a triceps and chest workout will require some reps because they are heavyweight exercises.

It’s impossible to find a chest workout in which there is no arm movement. Therefore, you must try both activities together to get some powerful muscles. Before trying them, go through the benefits of a compound workout.

Why is Compound Movement Effective in Workout?


Do you think why compound movements should be your priority in any workout? Do you want to kill two snakes with one gun? Go for the compound workouts because the order of exercise matters in every activity.

Your body structure depends on the first exercise you perform in the workout. For example, if you try a bench press and perform a dumbbell triceps, it will be more effective. When this exercise gets a combo, its effect will get double.

Are Chest and Triceps Workouts for Men Only?


Do you think males are more robust than females? If it’s a physical assessment, males are more substantial. Which thing makes them strong? It’s their muscles from which they look strong and fit. The reason behind this all-time fitness is exercise.

Are you thinking about which type of exercise is making these men stronger? Its chest and triceps work out, which makes them energetic. Still, it doesn’t mean women are weak. Primarily men and women will adopt these full-body workouts when they have to participate in a weightlifting competition.

You can only lift a heavyweight if you have the stamina. Women can further have this stamina to lift a dumbbell of more weight by taking chest and triceps exercises. Hence, it’s not a gender-specific exercise, but primarily men are curious to grow their muscles.

Triceps and Chest Exercises:

Are you want to open your muscles? Go for the compound movement of chest triceps workout and enjoy your muscles like bodybuilders. Below are some chest and triceps exercises that you can adopt to boost your muscular strength:

1- Bench Press Exercise


Have you ever tried lifting a weight by lying down straight? Seems difficult? Not at all. It’s a bench press which you can see in most gyms. There is a machine on which you have to lay down straight. After that, you can see a long bar and weighted plates on its ends.

The exercise is to lift the weighted rod and perform 6-12 reps of this exercise. You will also see a measurement scale on both sides of the machine. I still don’t get it a chest exercise or a triceps workout?

The results will be different if you add a dumbbell to this exercise instead of free weight. The addition of a dumbbell will create a combo of chest tri workouts. Let’s prepare for the two-in-one benefit and have a dumbbell bench press for your muscles.

2Incline Bench Press


How do you feel if your sleeping bed is inclined? Quite strange. No one can sleep on an inclined bed. Don’t worry; it’s not about your sleeping bed; it’s about an exercise table. You have to do bench presses on an inclined table.

Put dumbbells in your hand and do a bench press at 15 to 30 degrees. Improvement is good but doesn’t practice a bench press on a surface higher than 45 degrees. Just boost your stamina by increasing the inclination of your bench press surface.

3- Cable Crossover


Have anyone of you stretched a string? It’s easy, but what if this string contains a weight? A cable crossover is an example of heavyweight stretching. You have to pull a cable attached to a weighted plate on a machine. A bench is further available for you to sit and stretch the string.

If you feel a stretch on your chest during this cable crossover, chest muscles are getting its effect. Whether you perform it in a standing position or a sitting one, your arms muscles will strengthen. 10-15 reps of this cable crossover are enough for you to train your chest muscles.

Can you pull weight without applying force on it? Similarly, you can’t stretch a cable along with weight without pressure. The energy you use to extend the line in cable crossover will strengthen your hands and arm muscles. Moreover, your chest will also stretch with the stretching of the cable.

4- Chest Dips


Lifting and lowering the chest with a machine’s help is the chest dip exercise. While performing chest dips, you have to carry all of your body weight in your arms. If you experience pull-ups, then you can efficiently perform chest dips.

Do you think it’s a swing? No, it’s not a swing, and if you try to swing on it, it will be dangerous for you. Just target your chest by lifting the bodyweight in your ankles. If you want a broad chest, choose the chest dips.

You can further have a pre-workout supplement to enhance the body structure. Steps to perform a chest dip are here:

  • Hold a rod or stand before you and prepare your body for a jumping position.
  • Fold your legs while pulling your body up with the support of the rod.
  • All of your body weight will be on your arms.
  • Come down gradually and repeat it 10-20 times for muscular strength.

5- Triceps Push Down


Triceps push down is an isolation exercise to target the triceps only. Do you think it’s also a compound motion? What can you feel by stretching a cable down? You can feel an inner strength coming through your muscles. It’s a fresh feeling like you are a bodybuilder.

Take a resistance band and stretch the cable with full force. Below are the steps to perform the triceps pushdown:

  • Hold a cable attached to a bar or rod. You have to pull that cable with force.
  • After pulling the cable down, leave it slowly.
  • Repeat these steps 8-10 times.

6- Lying Triceps Extension


Have you heard about the skull crusher? A lying triceps extension is the skull crusher in which you have to lift a weight just above your skull. You have to keep your arms straight upward to raise a free weight.

The need is to lay down on a straight bench and perform this lying triceps extension. All of the steps to do this exercise are:

  • Before starting, lay down on a straight surface like a bench or mat.
  • Take a posture to lift the weight just above your head. Your elbow will come in front of your face when you lift a weight towards the ceiling.
  • Gradually put your arms back to their previous position above your eyes. Repeat these steps 8-10 times if you are a beginner in triceps making.

7- Seated Triceps Dips

The use of elbows is few in the life of people. They mostly use knees, arms, and even hands to accomplish tasks. Here is an exercise in which you have to trust your elbows. This exercise movement is based on your elbows and hands.

Have you ever put yourself down towards the ground from a seat? It is what exactly you have to do in this exercise. Sit on a stool or a bench and put your elbows on your backside to the chair. You can also take help from another chair by placing it in front of your chair.

Put your feet on the next chair and your elbows on the previous one and keep your body in a lying position. Move your body up and down from the chair with the help of the arms and elbows. Your hands can also help lift yourself down from the chair. It’s a combo of triceps and dips in a chest and triceps workout at the gym.

Wrapping Statement:

Triceps and the chest are not simple forms of exercise. Suppose you want to make a physique like bodybuilders, then it’s helpful. Training demands practice, whether you are a beginner or in an advanced category. Practice more and see the results you want from these chest triceps workouts.

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