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At Meridian Fitness in Greenwich, London, we offer a range of invigorating yoga classes suitable for beginners. Located conveniently for those searching for beginner yoga classes near me in Greenwich, our sessions provide a nurturing environment to explore the fundamentals of yoga.

Led by experienced instructors, our yoga classes in Greenwich cater to various skill levels, making them perfect for individuals seeking a supportive introduction to yoga practice. Our serene studio space encourages relaxation and focus as you delve into various yoga poses and breathing techniques.

Whether you are a local searching for yoga classes Greenwich or someone from the wider London area seeking quality yoga instruction, our classes at Meridian Fitness aim to foster a sense of well-being and mindfulness while helping you build a strong foundation in yoga.

Join us at Meridian Fitness in Greenwich, London, to embark on your yoga journey and discover this ancient practice’s numerous physical and mental benefits.

Experienced and Professional Instructors

Experienced and Professional Instructors

Thrive under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced yoga instructors.

Experienced and Professional Instructors

45-Minute Detailed Classes

You will work on different yoga poses suitable for the objectives of your yoga journey.

Highly Secure & Supportive Environment

Highly Secure & Supportive Environment

We believe in providing our members with a highly secure and supportive environment.

Book your yoga class with highly experienced trainers.

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Dance Yoga Classes

Dance Yoga Classes

Are you searching for dance yoga classes near me? At Meridian Fitness, our dance yoga classes combine the grace of dance with the mindfulness of yoga. You will explore fluid movements and rhythmic sequences that enhance flexibility and self-expression while fostering relaxation and balance. Join us to experience a unique fusion of dance and yoga, elevating your well-being in a joyful, dynamic atmosphere. 

Aerial Yoga Classes

At Meridian Fitness in Greenwich, London, experience aerial yoga, an innovative blend of traditional yoga poses and suspended hammock support. Perfect for all levels, from beginners to advanced, our classes offer a playful and invigorating way to deepen stretches, build strength, and decompress the spine. Led by skilled instructors in a welcoming environment, discover the joy and benefits of aerial yoga London, whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice. Join us for an uplifting yoga experience unlike any other!

Aerial Yoga Classes
Flow Yoga Classes

Flow Yoga Classes

Ever wondered what it feels like to move in harmony with your breath, seamlessly transitioning from one yoga pose to another, all while finding your inner rhythm? At Meridian Fitness, our flow yoga classes are the answer to that curiosity and beyond. Imagine a dynamic practice where each movement synchronizes effortlessly with your inhales and exhales, creating a graceful flow that strengthens your body and calms your mind.

Envision experiencing this in the heart of Greenwich, surrounded by like-minded individuals seeking balance and vitality. Join us for an immersive journey into Flow Yoga, where movement becomes meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Have you ever felt your body move in harmony with your breath as if each inhalation and exhalation guided a graceful dance? Welcome to Vinyasa Yoga at Meridian Fitness, a transformative practice that syncs movement with breath, inviting you to flow through poses with seamless transitions. Imagine yourself in our Greenwich studio, surrounded by like-minded individuals, each sun salutation igniting a sense of vitality within. With expert guidance, explore the fluidity of Vinyasa, linking postures to create a dynamic, meditative experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, join us in our Vinyasa Yoga sessions to discover the beauty of synchronizing breath and movement.

Core Yogalates Classes
Core Yogalates Classes

Core Yogalates Classes

Ever wondered how to seamlessly integrate the strength-building aspects of Pilates with the holistic approach of yoga? Our core yogalates classes blend the precision of Pilates exercises with the flowing movements of yoga, offering a dynamic workout that targets your core muscles, tones your body, and centers your mind. Join us at Meridian Fitness to experience the synergy of core yogalates, where strength meets serenity, empowering you to transform both body and mind.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Distinguishes Dance Yoga at Meridian Fitness from Traditional Yoga?
  • Are Dance Yoga Classes Suitable for Beginners?
  • Where can I locate Aerial Yoga classes in Greenwich or London?
  • Is Vinyasa Yoga the same as Flow Yoga?
  • What’s the focus of your Flow & Restore Yoga classes?
What Distinguishes Dance Yoga at Meridian Fitness from Traditional Yoga?

Dance Yoga seamlessly blends traditional yoga postures with rhythmic movements inspired by dance forms, creating a dynamic fusion that enhances flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Are Dance Yoga Classes Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely! Our dance yoga classes cater to all levels, offering modifications and variations to accommodate beginners while challenging more experienced participants. These classes focus on enjoying movement and rhythm while fostering mind-body awareness.

Where can I locate Aerial Yoga classes in Greenwich or London?

Discover the exhilarating practice of aerial yoga at Meridian Fitness, conveniently located for those seeking aerial yoga London or aerial yoga classes near me. Our specialized studio offers the perfect setting to experience the benefits of practicing yoga in hammocks.

Is Vinyasa Yoga the same as Flow Yoga?

While vinyasa yoga and flow yoga share similarities in their emphasis on fluid movements linked with breath, Vinyasa typically focuses more on the seamless transition from one pose to another. In contrast, flow yoga may incorporate a variety of movement styles within the flow.

What’s the focus of your Flow & Restore Yoga classes?

Flow & Restore Yoga merges the dynamic flow of yoga sequences with deep relaxation techniques. These sessions offer a balanced practice, starting with invigorating movements and concluding with restorative poses, ideal for rejuvenation and stress relief.


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