the pros and cons of pre workout supplement

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Workout Supplement

Are you a sports lover and having a health problem? You must try some supplements to improve your health. All of you have listened about the workout but very few people know about pre-workout supplements. It’s the secrete to boost your sports career.

No matter, whether you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, a pre-workout supplement is essential. Most of you think that these pre-workout supplements are no less than hype. Before reaching any conclusion, you should read all the details about these supplements. 

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement?

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement

Have you heard about exam preparation? It’s the preparation before a real exam from which the chances of your higher grades increase. Similarly, pre-workout supplements are multi-ingredient dietary formulas to boost the energy level. 

If you are going to have an athletic competition like Olympics, try pre-workout supplements. These supplements will possess a bunch of ingredients. It will help you to focus on your training classes. Is caffeine a booster for your metabolic rate? Yes, that’s why it’s included in the ingredients of pre-workout supplements. 

Ingredients of a Pre-Workout Supplement:

Ingredients of a Pre-Workout Supplement

Have you seen a pre-workout supplement? It looks like medicine and what are medicines made from? Yes, you are right, they need ingredients. Similarly, a pre-workout supplement also has some ingredients which are here:

  • Caffeine

Are you a tea lover? If yes then you must aware of its ingredients. Caffeine is the main ingredient in your tea. Have you ever thought about why caffeine is necessary for tea? It’s because it will improve your endurance. 

That’s what an athlete wants. Therefore, caffeine is an important ingredient in a pre-workout supplement. Furthermore, it will enhance your brain functions. 

  • Taurine

Want to boost your brain functioning? Taurine is here which is an ingredient of your pre-workout supplement. It is the finest amino acid which is popular in managing the nervous system. You can find it in your brain and organ tissues. 

Your sports career will need such amino acid. A pre-workout supplement is a source through which you can have this supplement. 

  • Creatine

Want to make muscles? Creatine is a supplement for bodybuilders. It will enhance your capacity to lift a weight. You can have a strong muscle by using creatine as a supplement in your pre-workout supplement.

Just seek endurance through a supplement. Lift more weights after gaining endurance power from a pre-workout supplement. Have creatine and enjoy high-intensity interval training. 

  • L-Arginine

Are you looking to improve your blood circulation? An athlete can’t rely on any disease. L-Arginine is one of a bundle of amino acids that creates nitric oxide. Do you know why we use nitric oxide?

It’s a compound that will relax your blood vessels to circulate the blood inside your body. Just have a pre-workout supplement and improve your blood circulation. 

  • β-Alanine

An amino acid present in your liver is beta-alanine. By taking this supplement, you will improve your athletic performance. The reason is, that it will stop the neuromuscular fatigue in your body. 

You can also face some side effects of this ingredient. Try to take an individual supplement to avoid its side effect. 

  • Betaine

Do you see a fat athlete? Sports is to eliminate fats kind of things from your body. An amino acid-like betaine will process fat in your body and control liver functioning.

Want to increase your work capacity? Take a pre-workout supplement which contains betaine and increase your muscle size.  

Pros of Using a Pre-workout Supplement:

Pros of Using a Pre-workout Supplement

Pre-workouts are to improve your athletic training. Therefore, they have many advantages and drawbacks. Some of the popular pre-workout benefits for which you are taking these supplements are:

  • Strength Gaining

Yes, you are not weak but to be an athlete your strength level should be high. This pre-workout contains creatine which is helpful for strength gaining. The presence of nitrate in your body will further enhance your body strength. Both of these supplements are present in pre-workout supplements. 

  • Build Muscles

Are you a bodybuilder and still have weak muscles? Not fair, this is not your case. A bodybuilder is supposed to be the strongest athlete in a fighting competition. Go for the pre-workout supplements in which you can find branched-chain amino acids. Improve your oxygen level and gain muscles. 

  • Seek Endurance

What does a heavyweight championship demand from you? Yes, it’s patience. A candidate can only succeed in such competitions if he can show patience. Endurance is the other name for patience. The beta-alanine in a pre-workout supplement will help your body to seek endurance. 

Drawbacks of Using a Pre-workout Supplement:

Is pre workout bad for you? All of you know that every beneficial thing has some side effect. The wrong usage of workout supplements can cause a serious issue. It mostly happens when you take an expired pre-workout. Here are some drawbacks of using a pre-workout supplement:

  • High Caffeine

Yes, caffeine will enhance your brain functionality. Stop, the overdose of caffeine can lead you to stomach disorder. You can also go into the phase of insomnia. Excess caffeine like elements in the pre-workout supplement will bring a stomach disease for you.

  • Itching Sensations

Beta-alanine is effective for increasing your athletic performance. Wait, it can further be a reason for itching on your face or lips. The amino acid beta-alanine is present in your pre-workout supplement that can cause an itching sensation. 

  • Anxiety

No problem in this world is bigger than anxiety. It will destroy a personality completely. What if you get a panic attack after taking a pre-workout? Don’t panic, this is a drawback of this workout supplement. A few people have to face this issue after taking a pre-workout supplement. 

How to Use Pre-Workout to Boost Athletic Performance?

How to Use Pre-Workout to Boost Athletic Performance

Have you listened to a dose of medicine? Pre-workout is also a medicine which you have to take according to the instructions of your gym trainer. Can you take any medicine without the doctor’s prescription? 

Same as a pre-workout supplement requires the permission of a personal trainer. It’s a safe end to save you from its drawbacks. Your trainer is aware of all of the diseases you have. Hence, he will guide you the best about its dose. 

As a routine, trainers will recommend having a pre-workout supplement 30-60 minutes before your workout. Now, you are thinking why? It’s because the caffeine will need an absorption time after entering your blood to show its results. 

Therefore, an athlete can’t take it just before his workout. Moreover, if you take this supplement an hour ago before your workout then it will show its effect. If you are allergic to any supplement then no trainer will prescribe this to you. 

Should I Take Pre-Workouts?

Should I Take Pre-Workouts

Are you a workout person? If you are a workout person and perform it to maintain fitness then it’s not for you. It’s because you are not consuming your energy in performing a simple workout. If you are a person who performs high-intensity training then it’s the best fit for you. 

Coming towards the reason, it is because pre-workout contains amino acids and a lot of energy for you. High-intensity training is the only option in which a pre-workout supplement is good for you. You need energy for a workout and a pre-workout supplement will give this to you.

Finding the Right Pre-Workout Mix for You:

Does the selection criteria for everything the same? No, because everything has different facts. The same rule is for workout supplements. If you want to choose the right pre-workout supplement then here are some factors to consider:

  • Workout Goal

All workouts are not the same because everyone has a different goal of fitness. Some want to lose weight while some want to gain it. Therefore, the selection of pre-workout depends on your fitness. You have to decide whether you need caffeine in your diet or not.

  • Ingredients of Supplement

Can you take anything without reading its ingredients? No, because if you are allergic to some item then it will lead you to a health problem. Choose a pre-workout supplement whose ingredients are not harmful to you. 

  • Impact on Diet

Calories are the bigger problem in every diet plan. Some need to eat more calories but some don’t want to eat them in a bulk. Always choose a pre-workout supplement that will give you the desiring calories you want. If any supplement is increasing calories in your diet, don’t choose it.

  • Proofreading the Supplement

The market value of everything is important. Always check the label and reviews before having a pre-workout supplement. If people are leaving some powerful reviews, then you can take the risk of having a workout supplement. The supplement brand is also important so check the brand label before buying any workout supplement. 

  • Elements to Avoid

Reading the ingredients of a supplement is necessary to protect you from any harm. If you read all the ingredients then you will mark any harmful ingredient in your supplement easily. Consult your doctor and trainer before taking any workout supplement. 

How Do You Know the Supplement Is Working?

Now, the question is does pre-workout really works? How can you feel this supplement is working? When you take a medicine how can you assume it’s working? Yes, you will see the changes in your body after taking the medicine. Similarly, you have to observe multiple things to judge the working of this workout supplement like:

  • Workout Focus
  • Increase in Energy level
  • A tingling Sensation
  • Increase in Weight Lifting Capacity

Summing It Up:

A pre-workout is a blessing for those who are serious about their athletic career. It will help them to gain stamina and energy for lifting more weight. Don’t forget every positive thing has some side effects as well. Use the workout supplement on the recommendation of your doctor and trainer only.


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