Top 15 Best Luxury Gyms in South London

Top 15 Best Luxury Gyms in South London

The monotonous routine of oscillating between work and home calls for unwinding! For your overly occupied mind, there is no better place to productively relax and invest in yourself than going to the gym. 

For locating the gyms and spas around the town, you might have been writing queries on Google like, “good gym near me” or “inexpensive or nice gyms near me.” You might even have come across a few options that did not meet your standards. But don’t worry! Here is what you are looking for! 

Specifically, if you live in South London, you are fortunate enough to enjoy the lush and best gyms in South London. There is no better feast for your body than going to the most luxurious gym in Greenwich, London. 

Moreover, we understand that finding the best gyms in South London sounds tedious, as you are already on low batteries. So, this blog solves the problem by presenting you with the 15 best luxury gyms London has! 

This guide will embark you on your fitness journey, fulfilling your fitness goals at the most luxurious and nice gyms around you.  So, let’s get started!

1. Meridian Fitness

Luxury Meridian Fitness Gym

If you want a luxurious fitness experience without costing an arm and leg and staying within your budget, it is none other than Meridian Fitness. For fitness enthusiasts, Meridian Fitness is the best gym to achieve their fitness goals. 

With a wholesome team of instructors and staff, your health is assessed to achieve the best version of yourself. Additionally, the best thing about Meridian Fitness is its special treatment, where the guests and customers are treated avidly. 

Simply put, Meridian Fitness is one of the best gyms in South London. Being the most economical fitness gym in Greenwich, London, it gives you both the luxurious and most satisfying experience. To help you undergo a smooth transition, it offers complete gym fitness services along with post-workout relaxation facilities.

Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on gyms in London, Meridian Fitness helps you stay fit without costing a fortune to undergo the transformation. What makes Meridian Fitness stand at the top of the list is its approach to health and overall lifestyle

With its premium health club and spa, it redefines the standards of health and fitness in the most practical manner. Additionally, it offers a good range of fitness classes, including pilates, yoga, gym, spinning, and personal training sessions. Here is what it offers to upgrade the experience at Meridian Fitness:

  • Vision for healthy training
  • Fitness mentoring 
  • Variety of fitness classes
  • Steady progress 
  • Panatta Pinnifarina equipment 
  • Best coaches and instructors 

Besides, members can enjoy the most suitable fitness training classes based on their interests and goals. For this reason, Meridian Fitness conducts over 40 classes a week to encourage the members to stay steadfast on the set fitness goals. The instructors aim to target different body areas through the following:

  • Total well-being of mind & body
  • Cardio & sculpt
  • Muscle training 
  • Strength & conditioning 

Moreover, it takes pride in being the true representation of health and wellness. With its proactive and efficient health club services, it ensures a healthy lifestyle for its neighboring communities as well.

 Similarly, Meridian Fitness truly understands the needs of an exhausted mind and body. For this reason, it gives you a treat to unwind from all the stress and exhaustion. You can enjoy spas, saunas, steam rooms, and therapies to rejuvenate your spirits to come back stronger and fitter. 

There is no doubt about the fact its members feel at home with Meridian Fitness due to its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Undoubtedly, Meridian Fitness is beyond a gym that redefines the art of health and fitness in the most skilful manner. 

You are most likely to find everything in perfect proportion: nothing above or below the mark. The same goes for its membership plans, which are highly value for money and wallet-friendly as well. Here are the rates on a monthly basis in relation to the membership plan

3 months plan–£59.99 per month

6 months plan–£49.88 per month

12 months plan–£39.99 per month

Here are the services that Meridian Fitness offers in these membership packages:

  • Unlimited gym access
  • Unlimited access to steam and sauna facilities 
  • Unlimited classes
  • Free induction
  • Free program card
  • Discounted access to ELEMIS Spa

Lastly, Meridian Fitness is currently offering a special discount for students to join a 12-month membership program without any contact. Not only this, but it also gives another discount of paying half for the next 2 months on joining in January. If you are looking for a revitalising experience at an economical price, it is time to become a member of Median Fitness! 

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2. PureGym


PureGym is among the best gyms in South London, as it has a strong presence and popularity around the town. But the non-residents of South London don’t have to worry about not having PureGym around. Do you know why? Because PureGym has multiple branches in Lewisham, Clapham, Croydon, Greenwich, and Richmond

Additionally, it offers way more above and beyond the price: value! The best thing about PureGym is its 24/7 opening times. It means whenever you want to come to the gym, you can without a second thought!  Moreover, equipped with the latest and advanced equipment, it gives its members a high-end experience at the gym. 

Furthermore, its “way more” option benefits the members in every possible manner. It means it gives:

  • Way more choices of unlimited gym classes and a range kit of kettlebells
  • Way more for students in the form of 30% off on memberships and £0 joining fee
  • Way more flexibility in timings and contracts 

PureGym gives a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to its members to enjoy their fitness journey while making workout buddies. PureGym gives you the pure vibes to come and enjoy your fitness journey in an inclusive place. 

3. Putney Body & Brain Centre

Putney Body Brain Centre

Quite evident through the name, Putney Body & Brain Centre is focused on harmonising the balance in life and recovering self-love and healing. It is different from other luxury gyms and fitness centres in London, as it is based on traditional Korean SunDo. Therefore, it emerges as the brain-based mind-body wellness education program to feel light and healed.

In addition, it offers multiple workshops like Shim Sung, Initial wakening, Energy healing workshop, and Chakra balancing. 

Though Putney Body & Brain Centre differs from the advanced fitness centres of today, its popularity is still there in London. With a  broad chain of 5 centres in London, it is dedicated to teaching and contributing to a healthy living movement and spirit of Earth citizenship. Furthermore, for this reason, it offers a good variety of group classes, which are as follows:

  • Gut health
  • Ki Gong
  • Holistic
  • Vibration
  • Workshop

If you are more of a conventional person, loving such methods, you should go for the Putney Body & Brain Centre. 

4. Bodyism


Bodyism is a great option for overall health and fitness. Located in Notting Hill, Bodyism is focused on the holistic wellness of the body. The members and guests are treated warmly.

Its instructors proclaim themselves to be guided by the four pillars for staying fit. Those four pillars are:

  • Mind
  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery

Additionally, Bodyism offers a bespoke program and assesses the guests’ overall well-being to provide more personalised workouts at Bodyism. With a complete focus on your mind and body, it offers services to improve your health and fitness.

Moreover, its services include bespoke personal training, boutique fitness classes, exclusive events programs, and nourishing treatments. It has been dedicated to invigorating the spark for a healthy lifestyle for over two decades. Besides services, its tranquil and natural feel will help you unwind while breathing pure air.

Furthermore, its membership packages start from £300 per month. Though it doesn’t offer facilities unlike the fancy gyms in London, it ensures you leave the place revitalised and satisfied.

5. The Gym Group

The Gym Group

If you are searching on the web by typing “affordable gyms near me,” it is time to stop the hunt. The most adorable gym you will find in London after Meridian Fitness is the Gym Group. It has many branches in London, including Colliers’ Wood, Streatham, and Tooting Bec.

Additionally, the good aspect of the Gym Group is that members have no time constraints. As it is operational 24/7, the members can come and go whenever they want. Moreover, with a special focus on your muscles and body, it helps you grow a better version of yourself.

With the guidance of personal trainers, you can improve your form and meet your fitness goals better and faster. Being the most affordable gym with more freedom in timing, the gym group assists you in being fittest and better every day!

6. Third Space

Third Space

Third Space is named as a place where people love to come and spend time other than work and home. This name is manifested in its gym services, where members are nicely treated. They feel like connecting to it, just like their second home or third space to relax

With complete state-of-the-art equipment, workout areas, and post-workout relaxation facilities, it gives its members a top-notch luxurious experience. Additionally, it inspires the members to be their personal best.

Moreover, after becoming a Third Space member, you can enjoy lots of facilities and unlimited fitness classes. You can access multiple classes every week, from strength and conditioning to studio cycling, pilates, and combat. 

Furthermore, Third Space provides lots of amenities and facilities, including: 

  • Sauna & steam
  • Natural fitness food
  • Access to special events
  • Hydro-pool
  • Cryotherapy & cryospa
  • Medical

Based on unique experiences, Third Space gives you vast and uniquely designed spaces. However, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, and City rates vary based on group or club. The rates are as follows:

  • Rates of Tower Bridge,  Canary Wharf, and City
    • Group= £245
    • Club= £217

So, if you want to make your every day a good one, Third Space is the place to go!

7. Virgin Active

Virgin Active

Virgin Active is another famous gym brand known around the town, with multiple branches in South London, including Bromley, Clapham, and Wimbledon. Virgin Active offers a quality experience to its members with a variety of fitness activities, including:

  • Lift club
  • Gym floor
  • Swimming
  • Cycle studio 
  • Reformer pilates
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Spa 

Additionally, it offers free personal training sessions and 25% off on nutrition coaching. It also includes junior and family activities to level up the experience. 

Moreover, it offers 3 membership plans to let people enjoy their fitness journey in their own way. The membership plans are as follows:

  • Club+ offers everything that Virgin Active has. It includes: 
    • 12-month memberships
    • Full access to the club
    • Unlimited online workouts
  • Flexi+ enables workouts at home and in the city. Also, It offers:
    • Four club visits monthly
    • Buying more club passes
    • Unlimited online workouts
  • Online+ enables you to work out at your place and the way you like. It also includes:
    • Tailored workout plans
    • Buying club passes
    • Unlimited online workouts

Furthermore, the rates of Virgin Active vary depending on the membership. The rate is flexible for Club+. However, flexi+ is for £69 monthly and online for £9.99 per month only. So, if you are a fitness virgin and looking for a gym for beginners, Virgin Active is the place to be! 

8. Vauxhall Leisure Centre

Vauxhall Leisure Centre

Vauxhall Leisure Centre is quite close to Vauxhall tube station, hardly a five-minute drive from the station. If you are a resident of Vauxhall and looking for the best gym nearby, this is the place to start your fitness journey. With complete state-of-the-art equipment, workout areas, and post-workout relaxation facilities like saunas and spas, it gives a high-quality experience seconding Meridian Fitness. 

Besides a gym facility, it also includes a group cycle studio, swimming pool, sauna, steam, and interactive technology to unwind after a tiring day at work. Its membership plans are quite flexible and broad in range. It offers so much, from pay-as-you-go to monthly memberships, student and corporate memberships, and gym day passes

When it comes to the rates of gym and fitness membership, it varies according to the off and peak hours and the age category. Here is a glimpse of the gym and fitness plan rates:

GymCategory AccessNon-memberPay as you go (member)Pay as you go (concession)
Adult Peak£10.20£7.65N/A
Junior gym (11-17)As timetabled£3.45£2.60£2.60
Fitness classes Fitness classesPeak£10£7.40£7.40
Fitness classesOff-peak£10£7.40£5.45
Junior fitness classes (11-17)As timetabled£3.45£2.60£2.60

So, if you are looking for a cosy and refreshing experience, Vauxhall Leisure Club gives you the perfect environment to vent all the exhaustion! 

9. Body Society

Body Society

Body Society is the hub of the fitness freaks who are building up a sweat, following the “No pain, no gain” motto. You are most likely to find the popular faces here, from celebrities to fitness enthusiasts.

Additionally, Body Society has the broadest gym set up in London. It possesses accessories and light commercial fitness equipment for cardio, strength conditioning, and functional training. 

Moreover, Body Society is a popular gym in London with a broad and most advanced series of fitness machines. Some of the machines are as follows:

  • M2 series
  • PF series
  • FW series
  • HS series
  • FM series

Besides the gym, its other fitness and boxing classes are also well-chosen by the members. The boxing class is divided into 3 levels. When it comes to the pricing and membership plan, you can directly request a quote from Body Society. 

10. Equinox


If your body craves a fusion of luxury and fitness, it is no other than Equinox. With multiple branches in London, Kensington High Street, E by Equinox in St. James Street, and Bishopsgate, fitness enthusiasts can experience the best.

With the membership programs, you can enjoy multiple benefits when joining for the first time. These benefits include:

  • Complimentary fitness assessment 
  • Complimentary personal training
  • One-on-one studio pilates session
  • 15% off on your first purchase from the shop

You can also enjoy group fitness classes or even digital classes. The experienced instructors in the studio encourage you to test your limits and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. 

Moreover, equipped with advanced technology, it gives you the space for post-workout relaxation. It also offers spa, stretch & recovery therapies, and HeadStrong meditation to supercharge your spirits. When it comes to membership packages, Equinox offers customised membership plans for which you can get a quote. However, it roughly starts from £240 per month. 

11. KX & KXU


KX is one of the best luxury gyms London has! It goes beyond the ordinary and enables the members to enjoy a soothing and top-notch experience at KX(pronounced kicks). Being one of the leading health and wellness centres, it encompasses a state-of-the-art gym, spa services, a food restaurant, and a juice bar

Since 2002, the KX team has been highly dedicated to serving the value the customers are seeking. With its team of highly skilled experts and fitness instructors, it has won multiple training achievements and certified nutritionists and consultants

Additionally, it offers joint and individual memberships with lots of facilities and benefits. Those facilities and services are as follows:

  • Access to the state-of-the-art gym
  • Unlimited group fitness class
  • Wellness assessment and consultation 
  • Access to spa
  • Access to restaurants and clubrooms
  • Luxurious changing rooms with robes and laundry services
  • Steam rooms, pools and saunas

Only the price differs in individual or joint membership, where two or more family members can join at the same time. For individual membership, it charges £615 monthly. However, for joint membership, the rate is a little less, which is £575 per person monthly. 

12. Workshop Gymnasium

Workshop Gymnasium

Workshop Gymnasium is one of the largest chains of gymnasiums spreading across multiple countries.  It has branches in London, Milan, Bali, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, and Tokyo. Undoubtedly, Workshop Gymnasium is a luxurious gym with a broad range of services. 

To help you move better and faster on your fitness journey, it pushes your limits with its variety of classes. It offers personal training, yoga, reformer pilates, boxing, restorative physiotherapy, and in-room training, catering to the fitness aspiration. 

Additionally, it gives the time to unwind while enjoying therapeutic sessions like facial stretch therapy and water barre. It also offers a serene environment to swim and thoroughly enjoy the fitness and wellness of your body. Besides these services, here are some other facilities it provides to improve the experience:

  • Friendly nutritional supplements for vegan and vegetarian lifestyles
  • Facility design for private residences and training facilities
  • Facility management on training instructors, pre and post-opening training 
  • Retreats, pop-ups, and travel
  • Private membership program 

Moreover, it also runs an online store for supplements, clothes, and other accessories, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing the supplements from anywhere else. 

Lastly, Workshop Gymnasium does not mention its pricing plan or membership program on its website. You can get the information by reaching out! 

13. Shapesmiths


The quality of the gym is reflected in the very name “Shapesmiths.” Isn’t it? Undoubtedly, it is one of the best gyms in South London. It feels proud to offer tailored solutions to the members according to their abilities. The reason for its popularity lies in its special treatment of the members. 

Additionally, it offers a good range of fitness classes, including

  • CrossFit gym classes
  • CrossFit Shapesmiths Kids
  • Shapesmiths weightlifting
  • Shapesmiths engine
  • Shapesmiths gymnastics
  • Shapesmiths master programs

Moreover, it’s a fantastic team of fitness coaches and instructors will always keep your spirits up! Its highly experienced and professional coaches always help you reach your fitness goals better. For the membership and pricing information, you can directly get a quote from them through its main website. 

14. Fuse Fitness

Fuse Fitness

If you want to enjoy your fitness journey with a broad range of fitness classes, Fuse Fitness should be on your priority list. If you wish to participate in classes or want a personal trainer, Fuse Fitness has you covered!

Additionally, yoga, strength conditioning, retreats, and circuits cheer you up to keep moving. Regarding the services and types of classes, the list keeps on going. Some of the services it offers are:

  • Classes
  • Personal training
  • Hot Yoga 
  • Retreat 

Moreover, the quality and experience of the classes at Fuse Fitness is unmatchable. The skilful team of coaches always pushes you to attain your utmost potential. With its diverse range of classes, you can stay on your high energy level without getting bored. Here are some of the fitness classes it offers:

  • Fuse Spin
  • Fuse early risers
  • Fuse abs
  • Fuse combat
  • Fuse strength 
  • Fuse hip-hop circuits
  • Fuse Super Saturday
  • Fuse Premium events
  • Fuse functional
  • Fuse body pump

Moreover, it offers membership packs based on the number of classes per month. So it provides memberships as:

  • 4 classes per month for £28
  • 8 classes per month for £52
  • FUSE Triathlon (valid for 4 weeks) for £5
  • FUSE Premium- Indoor climbing (Adult PAYG) for £12

15. Performance 360

Performance 360

Performance 360 is all about the 360-degree approach towards fitness. It feels pride to be the strength and conditioning gym based in South London. With a variety of fitness classes every week, it helps you pace faster towards your fitness goals. 

Its main fitness classes are P360 Workout of the Day, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, open gym, and Strongman. With an experienced coaching team, it ensures that you achieve the best of your body shape. 

The Performance360 team is highly dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals by committing to the core values of integrity, honesty, hard work, and accountability. So, if you are up to challenging your limits, performance 360 should be your go-to gym! 

Bottom Line

To conclude, it is important to rebuild a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a balance between work and health. To stay healthy, you need to set some fitness goals and strive to achieve them. For this reason, the best gyms in South London can help you do it more effectively. 

So, if you are in search of the best gym, this blog explores the best gyms in London. For better consideration, take a look at each option to see what suits you best.

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