Top 12 Best Fitness Classes in London, United Kingdom

Top 12 Best Fitness Classes in London, United Kingdom

Are you looking to invest in your mind and Body? Find the best fitness gym near me in London. We are sure it is challenging to find the best gym where you don’t have to push yourself daily. Instead, you are happily willing to take out time and workout. 

London is a bustling capital of the United Kingdom, with thriving numbers of fitness training classes every day. There are over 7000 Fitness centres providing fitness classes in London. All of them are technically equipped and professionally skilled to cater to the diverse needs of athletes. Finding one that is perfectly made for you is quite challenging in such a huge number.

However, with a bit of research, you can easily find the one that meets all requirements and needs. But you don’t have to worry. We have shortlisted the best and most popular fitness clubs.

Our Criteria For Selecting the 12 Best Fitness Classes in London

Our Criteria For Selecting the Best Fitness Classes in London
To help you choose the fitness class best out of the best, we have done all the research based on the following criteria, which are:

  1. These fitness classes offer lots of fitness disciplines
  2. While finding a fitness studio near me, we preferred those clubs that offer classes in various fitness disciplines like yoga, Pilates, HIIT, circuit, etc. If they stick to one disciple, they are well known for this and have an edge.

  3. Their instructors are experts or already famous for their work
  4. The second most important criterion is that all the instructors and trainers they have are certified or already popular for their work. The experience of trainers matters, as they are going to be the guidance for you on your fitness journey.

  5. Accessibility and convenience to get fitness classes near me
  6. The third point is that they all must be fitness clubs near me. It means that they are all at very convenient locations in London. They offer very convenient timings and a number of fitness classes that are available throughout the month.

  7. Customer reviews about the fitness clubs and their ratings
  8. We have analysed the customer’s reviews for the fitness training classes and the training instructors. Also, we have tried our best to gauge their overall success rate and the effectiveness of the training modules before listing them.

  9. Researched the uniqueness and specialities of local fitness trainer
  10. Sometimes, it is not the gym where you want to workout but the class of the specific trainer that keeps you on the go. Hence, we have tried to research their trainers and analyse them for professionalism, experience level, and friendliness.

Top 12 best fitness classes in London

It’s high time to work for the summer beach bodies and get to know more about physical fitness classes near me here. We have compiled a list of London’s top 12 fitness training centres offering excellent services. Moreover, they have really good trainers for all the fitness disciples and high-end pieces of equipment.

1. Meridian Fitness

Meridian Fitness - Best Fitness Classes in London


38 Creek Rd, London SE8 3FN, United Kingdom

About Meridian Fitness

Are you looking for the best fitness gym near me? Take a look at the Meridian Fitness, Greenwich. Since it opened its doors everyone despite their age.

Hence, They are offering a blend of fitness and wellness in a comfortable and soothing environment for everyone. Some of the following Meridian Fitness’ most popular services are:

  • Fitness Classes for Kids
  • Spa 
  • Sauna and Steam
  • Fitness Trainers for personal training

Famous fitness class of Meridian Fitness

Meridian Fitness offers a full calendar of fitness classes that are very high-energy and motivating enough to reach your daily calorie goal. Furthermore, they offer lots of fun yet perfectly curated workout classes for the children, such as kids’ dance and kids’ bootcamp. The top classes of Meridian Fitness are:

  • Circuits: 45 minutes of exercise in a loop with no rest is the best full-body workout plan.
  • Pilates: It is a low-impact yet high-intensity pilates class.
  • Aerial Yoga: Meridian Fitness offers Aerial yoga classes that are designed to be exciting and up a notch.

They offer an all-rounder approach to fitness and wellness where, after every fitness session, you can relax and rewind your tiredness with a sauna or spa.

Pros of Meridian Fitness

The biggest perk of joining the Meridian Fitness boutique is its top-class services at very pocket-friendly rates. Moreover, they are currently offering some unresisting discounts that you can check out here.

Ratings: 4.9

Reviews at Google: 2,137

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2. The Four Kings Cross

The Four Kings Cross - Fitness Classes in London

Location of The Four Kings Cross

R7 building, 14-18 Handyside St, London N1C 4DN, United Kingdom

About The Fore

The Fore, situated in the King Cross houses, is a full-fledged fitness club popular for its tough and high-energy classes. Moreover, it offers a cafe, coworking spaces, treatment rooms, and a number of workout classes and workshops. In short, it is designed to be the best place to work out, relax, and stay. The chill-out ambience is really welcoming and just an extra perk.

The Fore also offers one-to-one trainers and different fitness classes for all levels of fitness journey. Some of their popular classes are the following.

  • Boxing + Conditioning
  • Noga: The blend of Yoga, TRX, and Breath
  • Fortitude: Intenses challenging workout class 
  • Fore Flow: Yoga with the Vinyasa style and much more.

Signature class at The Fore

They offer a signature class that is perfect for a full-body workout class, using only three pieces of equipment. This 45-minute circuit class includes Sprinting and Sled pushing on the skill mill and rotation on the Rip Trainer. Their experts will teach you how to go through each easily and grind to reach your fitness goals easily.  

They claim their fitness classes can significantly improve endurance, strength and flexibility. To go for further fat reduction, their PT sessions will surely make up for this.

Google Ratings: 4.9

Reviews on Google: 25

3. Digme Fitness Moorgate

Digme Fitness Moorgate - Fitness Classes in London

Location of Digme

Moor Place (via Moor Lane), 1 Fore St, London EC2Y 5EJ, United Kingdom

About Digme Fitness Moorgate

It is one of the popular fitness clubs that offers group classes for cycling, high-intensity interval training, strength, runs, and yoga. Right now, they are offering courses at four different studios in London alongside the online classes.

This workout place is famous for its most popular spin class. They offer a very high-energy environment to work on your fitness goals. Furthermore, to ensure you are on the right track, clients can easily track their performance on the display boards. According to some customers’ reviews, their atmosphere is really friendly.

Classes at Digme

 They are offering the following classes at their studios:

  • HIIT classes (mixture of conditioning and strengthening)
  • Matrix Classes( TRX and Skillmill)
  • Spin Classes 


They offer an integrated data system that helps fitness lovers track their progress on the virtual board. That really helps to give motivation and keep track of the calorie burn.

Ratings at Google: 4.7

Customer Reviews at Google: 123

4. UN1T UK

UN1T UK - Fitness Classes in London


It is a multi-locational fitness training centre

About UN1T 

The UN1T ranks among the top fitness studios in London. They offer highly tailored fitness classes for strengthening and conditioning over the 12-week time period. Their fitness classes are designed to push your limits and maximise your mental, physical health, and overall well-being. Also, they consider groups as one unit, where everyone works as one with other members in a fun and motivating environment. 

Moreover, classes are helpful for all fitness levels, from beginners to pro levels. They teach everyone to use equipment for body maintenance, priming and recovery tools here. Furthermore, they are offering the following classes.

  • PB: Offering the perfect blend of conditioning and strengthening exercises.
  • Set: This class is designed for heavy lifters.
  • Target: A hybrid class where you set your target and work to achieve it across 8 stations.
  • Convoy: It is the combination of compound lifting and mobility.
  • Grind: This class is designed to challenge all your mind and body limits.

Ratings at Google: 4.8

Google Reviews: 84

5. Paola’s Body Barre Best for the Barre workouts

Paola’s Body Barre Best for the Barre workouts - Fitness Classes in London

Location Paola’s Body Barre

 2 Fulham High St, London SW6 3LQ, United Kingdom

About Paola’s Body Barre

Paola’s Body Barre is famous for its fitness classes, which combine barre, Pilates, functional training, and yoga. The courses are designed to challenge muscle strength and are very motivating for everybody. In spite of their stage on the fitness journey, they are welcome to join their class and work towards their fitness goal.

PBB also offers classes at home and online to those who are not willing to attend classes at their facility. Some of the clients reviewed that their classes, cafe, and overall environment are pretty much soothing. Moreover, their staff is very cooperative and professional.

Famous fitness class of Paola’s Body Barre

Their 50-minute Barre class of Paola’s Body will burn the fat in your body. It is a very low-intensity but challenging one that offers yoga, pilates, and cardio in just one class. Their signature class, PBB Burn, is another promising class that claims to burn up to 700 calories in just one class.

Google Ratings: 4.8

Reviews: 48

6. The Engine Room

The Engine Room - Fitness Classes in London


The Engine Room, St Bedes Hall (Church, Albany St, London NW1 4EE, United Kingdom

About Engine Room

Founded by a trainer, Engine Room features the top motivating music and blue strobe lights. If you have ever fancied rowing machines, then this is for you. They offer rowing classes that last 50 minutes, in which they guide techniques of rowing effectively. Moreover, they also provide one-hour personal training classes starting from 6 am.

Pros of Engine Room

If you are at the beginner level and don’t know where to start and how to do it, then don’t worry. At the engine room, they will assess you and then design the weekly program for you.  So you can get the maximum benefit out of your sessions. They can also provide one-on-one coaching and advice if you are having trouble.

Ratings at Google: 5.0

Number of reviews at Google: 126

7. Sweat by BXR all around variety

Sweat by BXR all around variety - Fitness Classes in London


They have opened their studios at multiple locations in London, one of them is:

Next to Everyman Cinema, Unit 46, Minus Level, 2 Crossrail Pl, London E14 5AR, United Kingdom

About Sweat by BXR

It is located in different locations in London and is a main membership fitness studio but also offers pay-to-train fitness classes. They offer a wide range of classes, perfectly designed to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance. Moreover, they are offering a huge variety of classes at all their locations. Some of the most famous courses of Sweat by BXR are the following:

  • Versa Climbing
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sweatcon
  • Yoga and Pilates

Famous Fitness class of Sweat by BXR

If you have fancied boxing, here is your chance to join their two signature classes, Sweatbox and Skills. Boxing stands as the heart of the BXR offerings, and their classes are crafted by athletes and fighters for all skill levels. Their experts lead your way with the proper footwork and posture in the modern boxing ring. In addition, they provide a fancy yet comfortable athlete environment.

Ratings at Google: 4.5

Reviews at Google: 64

8. Pilates Squared best for Pilates

Pilates Squared best for Pilates - Fitness Classes in London

Location of Pilates Squared

27 Emperor’s Gate, London SW7 4HS, United Kingdom

About Pilates Squared

In London, Pilates Squared is a private yet top fitness studio famous for its pilates classes.  It offers various services, from one-to-one personalised coaching to group classes. Moreover, they have an edge here in providing the latest Pilates props like Pilates square. It is soft and helps to engage surrounding muscles during Pilates.

They entertain fitness lovers at all levels, from beginner level to athletic level, and help them achieve their fitness goals. Furthermore, they offer a number of extra services like physical therapies and recovery.

Pros of Pilates Squared

The dread feelings of joining a new place will go on their own when you witness the serene ambience of this studio. When you join their famous Pilates sessions, their experts will walk you through their high-end equipment, including a reformer machine and a Cadillac. They offer each and every client a personalised training program that fits their goals and physique.

Ratings at Google: 4.9

Number of reviews at Google: 5

9. F45 is best for a HIIT workout

F45 is best for a HIIT workout - Fitness Classes in London


It is a multi-locational global fitness training centre

STAMFORD WORKS, 3 Gillett St, London N16 8JH, United Kingdom

About F45

If you are looking for a fitness instructor near me, this is for you. F45 has some really good and sound fitness instructors with different workout styles. The famous high-end F45 is known for its heavy-drill HIIT fitness classes. Originating from Australia, they offer 4 types of workouts: cardio, resistance, hybrid, and recovery. Their manifesto is to help their members improve their cardiovascular health and build healthy bodies.

The results of just the 45-minute class in their fun yet motivating environment are capable of leaving you drenched in sweat. At F45, there are 31 different classes, from which you can choose one that aligns with your goals.

Famous fitness class of F45

In their famous HIIT class, they mix three different work styles: high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training. This classic HIIT class is designed to help you work out and achieve your daily goals in just 60 minutes. According to some of the F45 members,  they are not cheap, but their environment is motivating, and their trainers are professionals.

Ratings at Google: 4.9

Reviews at Google: 89

10. Third Space Moorgate

Third Space Moorgate - Fitness Classes in London

Location of Third Space Moorgate

 16 South Pl, London EC2M 2AQ, United Kingdom

About Third Space Moorgate

The third space is considered one of the most luxurious health and fitness clubs in London. Currently, they have opened their clubs in 8 locations in London. They are offering group classes of multiple workout styles, along with one-to-one personal training. Here, you will find the number of facilities, including the following.

  • Sprint track
  • Combat zones
  • Recovery lounges
  • Cycling studio

Altogether, they are offering up to 100 fitness classes in London, alongside personal trainer sessions in an entertaining and high-energy atmosphere. After a class or workout,  you can enjoy a sauna to relax and normalise the heartbeat.

Pros of the Third Space

Third Space is famous for its range of services that help members to work out, get fit, relax, and feel well. Also, they provide healthy meal kits according to the nutritionist’s advice.

Google ratings: 4.8

Number of reviews at Google: 263

11. Bodyism

Bodyism - Fitness Classes in London


222-224 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH

About Bodyism

Bodyism opened its doors two decades ago, and since then, they are helping fitness lovers worldwide to connect the mind and body connection. The signature class at bodyism is quite popular among people of varied tastes. It offers a blend of pilates, yoga, meditation, and interval training. To amp up the workout, trainers can use ankle weights, body weights, and mini bands representing their own styles in class. Their signature class provides the full body workout to strengthen and tone the full body.

This fitness training centre at a Notting Hill gym is a hot spot for the A-listers. Situated at Grove, it offers experienced trainers and a holistic approach towards the five core pillars:

  • Mindset 
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Recovery
  • Connection

Pros of Bodyism

Bodyism is providing multiple services under one roof, such as virtual training, Fitness classes in person and virtual, at last, recovery exercises. Bodyism is very famous for the following:

  • Their vitamin D- emitting lights,
  • Upbeat playlist 
  • Oxygen filters installed
  • The cafe around the corner opens from 8 pm to 5 pm
  • Green smoothie and protein shakes

Overall, according to some of the reviews, they have extortionate prices for the food.

Google ratings: 3.7

Google reviews: 113

12. Psycle

Psycle - Fitness Classes in London

Location of Psycle

17-23 Whitby St, London E1 6JU, United Kingdom

About Psycle Soho London

Are you into cycling and looking for spin classes in London? Then it could be of interest to you. Psycle was founded in 2014 with the goal of motivating people to start their journey towards transformation. It all began with the single-ride fitness studio, which is now fully functioning and helping fitness lovers live healthy and happy.

Famous Psycle fitness classes

Psycle classes vary at the time length of 45, 60 and 90 minutes. They offer a mixture of spinning, bikes, resistance bands and core work featuring high-energy musing in the background. In short, they are offering a full-body workout. Moreover, Pyclye claims that their fitness classes are designed to burn up to 800 calories per class.

Google Ratings: 4.1

Reviews at Google: 72

How to Choose the Best Fitness Class in London For You?

How to Choose the Best Fitness Class in London For You
Are you ready to break a sweat and find physical fitness classes near me to upgrade your fitness game?

  1. Personal fitness goals and preferences
  2. Choosing a fitness training program that really fits your fitness goals and helps you achieve them is necessary. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your full body, or work on strengthening muscles,  it doesn’t matter what your goal is. The crucial part is the class you choose should align with it. They should offer you personalised training tailored to your needs.

  3. Importance of trying to find the perfect match
  4. When you have a big goal to achieve, do not get afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore different fitness places near me. You may try new activities like running, stretching, or cycling. It will help you understand your limits. Also, discover what resonates best with your body and enables you to find the perfect fitness class that fits your journey.

  5. Consult with the health practitioner
  6. Are you uncertain about something, or do you have any medical condition or injury? Do not forget to consult with your medical practitioner. Prioritising your health and safety before starting a new fitness regimen is very beneficial. Consulting with a doctor will ensure that the class you choose is appropriate and healthy for you.

  7. Prices and travelling distance
  8. The prices of the fitness classes and the distance to travel daily really matter here. 

Bottom Line of the Best Fitness Class Search

In summary we have concluded the top 12 best fitness gyms in London, each offering diverse fitness classes and an excellent workout environment. From HIIT workouts to mindful yoga practices, there is something for everyone. We are sure you can find your best fitness class among them.

Tips for maximising the benefits of fitness classes

Lastly, we have put down some pro tips for you to maximise the spillover effect of your fitness sessions. Which are:

  • Always start your class with an energy booster like coffee or two bananas.
  • Stay hydrated through the sessions. It boosts your performance and recovery.
  • Pay attention to your body language. It will lead your way and optimise the results.
  • Last but not least, do not forget to stretch after every session it will help you relax muscle aches.

Remember, finding a fitness class near me and adopting a healthy fit journey is not just about sculpting your body. Rather, it is about finding your true self, joy in movement, nurturing yourself, and enhancing your overall well-being. So it’s high time to lace up your trainers, try fitness classes near me, and embrace the power of transformation.

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It varies often depending on the trends and individual preferences. Still, the most common ones are HIIT, Yoga, and Spinning, which have been quite popular throughout history due to their health benefits and effectiveness in body toning. 

The best gym in London varies drastically depending on an individual’s preferences. We have listed the 12 best gyms, where you can learn more about them and choose your best one. Lastly, the best one will depend on your needs and personal preferences.

Some of the classes that are considered high intensity and more calorie burn are mostly the signature classes of fitness gym places. Such as the signature class of F45 and Meridian Fitness.

The cost of a fitness class varies from Studio to studio. Further, some studios are members-only, so estimating the price of one class is difficult.  However, on average, the cost of a single fitness class varies from £9.99 to £45.9.

The most affordable fitness class in London is Meridian Fitness classes, which are just £9.99 per 45-minute class.