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We believe that fitness should be exciting, motivating and available to everybody at Meridian Fitness. For this reason, we have put together an outstanding collection of dance fitness classes that will make your heart race, body groove and spirits soar. When you search for dance fitness classes near me, Meridian Fitness appears as the ultimate choice.

We have a team of instructors passionate about dance and fitness, making every class motivating and inclusive. From novice to expert, our classes aim to push and motivate you so that you can achieve your fitness goals and have fun in the process.


Dance into fitness in Greenwich, where every step sparks joy, and every move ignites vitality. Join our vibrant community and let the rhythm lead you to a healthier, happier you!

Experienced & Professional Instructors

Every instructor at Meridian Fitness has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer, meaning that each class is customized for your specific needs and skill level.

Precision-Packed 45-Minute Sessions

We know how valuable time is. That’s why all our dance fitness classes are aimed at providing the best results in just 45 minutes. Forget about long, boring workouts and welcome to the era of precision-packed sessions.

Experience Highly Prioritize Environment

The safety and comfort of our customers are the top priorities at Meridian Fitness. Our studio offers a very safe and comfortable workout environment where you can feel secure and relaxed.

Step into a world of rhythm and vitality

Book our Dance Fitness classes and let your journey to wellness begin!
Expert Instructors For fitness Class

Expert Instructors!

Our team of qualified instructors are passionate about dance and fitness. They’ll lead you through every step, making sure that your workout is as effective and fun.

Variety of Styles!

We provide a variety of dance styles ranging from hip-hop to salsa for all tastes and levels. No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced dancer, Meridian Fitness has something for everyone.
Variety of Styles
Convenient Location

Convenient Location

Looking for the best dance fitness classes near me? Don’t worry at all. Our studio is situated in the heart of Greenwich and can be reached from any part of the area. Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to a fitness solution that literally is in your backyard.

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Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy dance fitness in Greenwich. Whether you are an experienced dancer or a beginner, Meridian Fitness has something for everyone. Register for your first class now and start on the path to a better, happier you.
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Create your own routine with the best gym in London. Participate in fitness classes or choose personalised training and start your journey to a better you with Meridian Fitness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dance fitness classes does Meridian Fitness provide?

We provide a wide range of dance fitness classes to meet every taste and level at Meridian Fitness. We have what everyone needs, from high-energy dance workouts to focused dance exercises. We offer styles such as hip-hop, salsa and Zumba among others. 

Yes, all our instructors at Meridian Fitness are certified professionals with vast experience in dance and fitness. They undergo intensive training to ensure that they deliver quality guidance services to our members.

Our dance fitness classes are usually 45 minutes long, allowing busy people to get a decent workout in. On the other hand, we also provide longer classes for those who want to have a more intense workout. 

Absolutely! The dance fitness classes that we offer are meant to be accessible and friendly for people of all skill levels, including beginners. Our instructors are trained to make adjustments and modifications that suit different abilities so everyone feels comfortable during the class. 

Although advanced booking is not mandatory, we encourage you to reserve your place in class prior to coming, if possible, especially during rush hours. You can also book via our website or mobile app for ease of access. 

The members’ safety and welfare are of utmost importance at Meridian Fitness. We have put in place stringent safety measures such as regular cleaning and sanitization of our facilities and social distancing policies among others to ensure that everyone is safe. 

Of course! We provide trial classes for those who would want to try out our dance fitness program before buying a membership. Call us to book your trial class now.

Meridian Fitness is known for its first-rate instructors, workouts that are packed with precision and a setting of high security and support. We value the overall well-being and satisfaction of our members, guaranteeing them an outstanding experience every time they enter our studio.