Are you looking for the answer to whether circuit training is enough to lose weight or not? Then the answer is YES! The key to its effectiveness lies in its duality of resistance training and aerobic exercises. This duo helps to amp up the burning calories, helps in building muscles and boosts metabolism. Moreover, if you add the strength training exercise in the circuit training, it really advances the metabolism rate further and fosters weight loss.

How Does Circuit Training Work?

Originating in 1953 at the University of Leeds, circuit training is a unique form of body training that involves a number of exercises performed in a loop, providing a fusion of high-intensity aerobics and endurance training. There is little to no pause between the sets of different exercises that target different muscle groups, known as a circuit. The goal here is to complete one circuit without taking a pause or no break, and then you may take a breath and water break. 

10 Benefits of Circuit Training

Recently, this form of exercise has gained popularity because of the thrill and fun element it has with the desired results. Now you would hear lots of traditional trainers have switched to circuit training to get quick results and numerous benefits. Some of the most prominent benefits of this training are the following:

1. Improve Muscular Endurance

    In circuit training, we usually design high reps of each exercise to train your muscles to slowly and gradually improve muscle endurance. Soon, our body gets used to sustaining exercises for a longer period of time and will drop the fatigue level easily. 

    2. Increases Strength and Muscle Growth

      Increases Strength and Muscle Growth

      Since circuit training puts your muscles under great pressure it stimulates muscle strength and growth. The difference in strength and muscle growth greatly depends on the exercises you choose in your circuit training. However, it is evident that circuit training strengthens the muscles and helps them grow because of the hypertrophy.

      3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

        As it combines the strength training and aerobics within a single workout, it raises the heart rates along the whole workout. Since there is little to not rest between the exercises, it strengthens the heart muscles and improves cardiovascular health.

        4. Comprises A Full-Body Workout

          One more benefit of circuit training is that it comprises a full-body workout in a circuit that successfully targets different muscle groups at once. This ultimately helps to get the most out of the single workout.

          5. Time Efficient Exercise

            It is evident that circuit training of 30 -40 minutes is more beneficial than the 60- 80 minutes of other kinds of workout. Sometimes, if one is short on time, they can still get the most out of the circuit training compared to others. Moreover, as there are very few breaks, it can be completed easily and on time.

            6. Boosts Metabolism Rate

              Harvard Medical School stated that one can easily burn 240 calories within just half an hour of general circuit training. Quickly switching between cardio and weights with zero rest can really activate the metabolic system. And just in 30 to 60 minutes of circuit training, your body can feel the burst of metabolic burn in the core. 

              7. An Effective Weight Loss Method

                An Effective Weight Loss Method

                Circuit training keeps your heart rate high throughout the exercise, burning more calories easily. In addition, if you add strength training exercises, it drastically impacts your metabolism and helps you shed pounds like no other. Research has proven that circuit training is quite an effective tool for decreasing Body Mass Index (BMI) for obese people.

                8.Enhances Mood and Satisfaction Level

                  After 45-50 minutes of circuit training, you eventually feel accomplished and satisfied. It lightens your mood and improves mental health over time. One more fact to ponder here is that circuit training combines strength training and cardio, induced endorphins that lift your mood.

                  9. Perfect For All Levels Of Fitness Lovers

                    One more benefit of this type of workout training is that it can be customised according to anyone’s needs and physique. That makes it a very versatile workout that fits everyone, from beginners to pros. Thankfully, now there is a wide range of circuit training classes in London, providing sessions to all fitness levels. Moreover, some fitness studios also offer personal trainers to help you design and create circuits according to your requirements.

                    10. Improves Devotion and Bonding

                    Millennials and Gen Z get easily bored with anything if it continues in repetition. Hence, it is very rare that people stick to an exercise that doesn’t entice them. Circuit training keeps you glued to the workout as it completely moves you from one exercise to another quickly. Moreover, it is often reviewed as a most fun and entertaining exercise.

                    Disadvantages of Circuit Training

                    There have not been any drastic disadvantages witnessed so far. However, there are some disadvantages, primarily depending on the goals you have and the workout you choose. Some of the disadvantages are the following:

                    • Overtraining can be dangerous
                    • It can be challenging for beginners
                    • Difficulty in keeping the correct form
                    • It may not be ideal for the maximum strength gains

                    Bottom Line

                    Lastly, it is evident that the benefits of circuit training outweigh its disadvantages. Additionally, circuit training is an effective yet creative way of burning calories and losing body fat. Moreover, it is considered to be a great way to challenge yourself and stay motivated every day. Since circuit training can be modified to fit an individual’s needs, it is suitable for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. 

                    People also ask

                    Can I lose weight with circuit training?

                    Yes, you can easily lose weight with circuit training. It combines strength training and cardio exercises, which are very effective in improving metabolic rate and shedding weight.

                    Is circuit training better than cardio for weight loss?

                    Yes, it is better than cardio, as depending merely on cardio is not an effective way to lose weight.

                    Is circuit training good for belly fat?

                    Yes, it is very effective in targeting belly fat. Moreover, you can choose core workout exercises in your circuit training that will really boost the results.

                    Is circuit training as good as weight lifting?

                    It depends on the individual’s fitness goals because circuit training and weightlifting offer distinctive benefits. Weightlifting is effective for muscle building, while circuit training is effective in weight loss and fat burning

                    Is Circuit Training Good for Building Muscle?

                    Yes, circuit training is an effective way to build muscles, especially when it is designed with relative exercises and intensity levels.


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