Most Effective Exercises To Weight Lose

February 21, 2018by Meridian Fitness0

Every one of us wishes to lose weight in minimum time with maximum results. we all make workout serval times a week to get fit. But everyone is looking for the best ways, that will help them to achieve their goals. With the lots of research, we have brought some exercises that will show you the best and productive results to keep your body fit and slim through the different exercises.


Cardio is one of the effective exercise that improve your metabolism and the performance of your body. If you are a walker then try to give a boast your every 30-minute exercise through the running that will add some prominent results. This instant increase in the metabolism can really show the remarkable changes for the calories burn.


Doing the average exercise is not the big deal that can give you some positive results after certain time. But for the quick results, your body needs some special moves with technique that specially target your muscles to burn the calories and to tone them in a best way. These exercises can really turn your muscles into the furnace that can burn your calories in a short time.


Push up is one of the best and easy exercise that you can do anywhere. Push ups have three benefits at the same time that tones your chest, shoulders and arms.


Crunch is also known as the fat burner of your abdomen. If you have more fat on your belly then add some crunches into your exercise and experience the best results for abdomen.

Curl (biceps)

Biceps helps you to tone your arms muscles that are located between the shoulder and elbow on the upper side of the arm.

Reverse Dip (triceps)

Reverse dips are used to burn the calories of your lower arm located between the elbow and shoulder. Revers dips are extremely important to tone your lower arms.


Lunges are used to tone your legs and thigh muscles. It also strengthens your bones.

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