how to wash smelly gym clothes

How To Wash Smelly Gym Clothes

Gym activewear differs from your normal day clothes. It is a special type of fabric that absorbs your sweat during gym sessions or cardio exercises. It absorbs the sweat for the time being, but once it dries, your clothes create an unpleasant smell. The smell usually makes you uncomfortable and the people around you. So, this makes it an obvious reason to wash your clothes before you visit the gym again.

Such clothes usually require washing in warm water to kill the bacteria and the odor. But you need to set an optimal temperature. Otherwise, your gym wear may start wearing out after some time. For any clothes that already look faded or weary, you need to take care of them in a special way or use fabric softeners for them.

As far as gym clothes washing is concerned, you can’t just put them in the laundry like any other of your clothes. They need proper care, sorting inside out, and air-drying. If you keep washing them your own way, the time might come soon when you need to purchase new gear for your workouts.

Things you need to wash your gym clothes

  • Washing Machine
  • Sink
  • Drying Rack
  • High-performance fabric detergent
  • Distilled Vinegar

Steps to wash your gym wear

1.     Rinse in water

Rinse in water

Your gym clothes can host smells that are light or intense. It is equally important to flush them out before you use them again. For this, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water in a sink. Soak the gym clothes in it for 20 to 30 minutes. Once the clothes are completely submerged in the water, then rinse them in clean water. Use plain water at a natural temperature to wash the clothes and drip-dry them before putting them in the basket.

2.     Set and turn clothes inside out

Set and turn clothes inside out

Refrain from mixing your workout clothes with any other clothes. Sort the gym clothes, and turn them inside out for washing in the machine. The main reason to do it is that your sweat and bacteria reside on the inner side of the fabric.

3.     Add the detergent

How To Wash Smelly Gym Clothes
Once you have put the clothes inside the machine, it is time to add the specialized detergent for the gym clothes. Approximately two tablespoons of the detergent will be enough for the cleaning. Try to add only a little detergent because the excess amount of it will build up on the clothes. Go with a detergent that is specially designed for sportswear.

4.     Set the machine washing mode

Set the machine washing mode
Right after adding the detergent, set the washing mode and time for the gym clothes. Set the normal water temperature. Too much hot water can break down the fabric of your clothes and shorten the life of your gym wear.

5.     Use a drying rack to air-dry

Use a drying rack to air-dry
Once the machine washing is complete, take out the clothes and hang them on the drying rack. Refrain from using the spinner to dry the clothes. But still, if you want to use it, make sure it operates in a slow setting. It will not cause any damage to the fabric. Also, air-drying will keep your gym clothes fresh and will not cause any warping effect.

Things to keep in mind while washing the gym clothes:

Things to keep in mind while washing the gym clothes

Refrain from adding extra detergents or a fabric softener to your gym clothes.

  • Fabric softeners work like a coating over the fabric; it locks in the bacteria, dirt, and smell.
  • You can add baking soda to the water for an improved smell-busting solution.
  • Refrain from drying your clothes in direct sunlight or in front of a heater.
  • Before you put clothes in the dryer, sniff them and make sure the smell is gone.

Closing Note

Everybody likes working out in gyms, but working out in smelly clothes is something you don’t want to experience. It can disturb your focus and comfort level and also irritate the people around you in the gym. So, it is great to ensure you keep your clothes washed and smell-free for the workout of your fitness journey.


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