How to Get a Six-Pack the Right Way

In this world full of glamour, beauty standards have been changed, right? Now, wherever I look, I see people talking about losing or gaining weight, building muscles, crafting diet plans, and more. Well, there is nothing wrong with striving to improve your fitness status; however, it still can be overwhelming!

So, does it seem challenging to get a six-pack? Well, who does not dream of having six-pack abs? Literally, everyone! When we talk about a perfectly toned body, it immediately gives the idea of ripped abdominal muscles or six-pack abs. That is why it has become the epitome of fitness among gym-goers these days. 

I have seen several youngsters joining the gym and incorporating hefty workout routines just to get a six-pack. Well, there is no magic spell that can give you a six-pack overnight. And the procedure is not a bed of roses; instead, it’s going to be long and challenging. But at the end of the day, it is all worth it.

So, to achieve your perfect body goals, you must incorporate relevant exercises into your regimen and change your whole lifestyle. Changing your body always starts with changing your eating habits, eliminating alcohol from your life, and, obviously, a lot more physical activity. Are you ready to do this to get that dreamy six-pack abs?

To achieve and maintain your abs, there is a right way! In this article, I will unveil the right way to get a six-pack and a perfectly toned and ripped body. So, shall we begin?

What is the Fruitful Way to Get Six Pack Abs?

Are you trying to figure out how to get a six pack fast, right? Well, you need not worry! I am here to help you. As a fitness trainer, I will tell you the right and effective way to attain abs. So, without further ado, let me begin!
What is the Fruitful Way to Get Six Pack Abs

1. Follow a Fat-Burning and Healthy Diet Plan

As I have told you earlier, good health starts with a good diet. So, follow the below guidelines to ensure a fat-burning and healthy diet:

Add More Protein to Your Diet

As we all know, protein is the pillar when it comes to building muscles, right? So, first things first! Increase your protein intake, but keep one thing in mind: you need higher-fat protein to build muscles, and that is processed meat, e.g., bacon and sausages. For higher-fat protein, ingest legumes, fish, red meat, poultry, eggs, full-fat dairy, and nuts.

If you are worried about the right amount of protein for you, know that it depends entirely on your age, sex, weight, and physical activity. To put it generally, consume at least 160 to 180 grams of protein in a day. However, if you do a lot of physical activities like me, you need more protein.

Cut Your Calories

Cutting your calories is the most challenging yet crucial part of maintaining a toned-up body. If I tell you my suggestion, the most efficient way to cut your calories is to fill up on vegetables and fruits. 

The good news is that vegetables and fruits have a lot of nutrients that help you feel full without increasing your calorie count. However, if you are concerned about consuming the right amount, take 710ml of vegetables and 470ml of fruits once a day.

Consume Healthy Complex Carbs

To improve your health, it is essential to consume grains. I have seen people ignoring grains in their diet while building muscles. Well, it is a big NO. You need fibre to fuel your body and improve gut health. 

That is why add fibre in the form of cereals, brown rice, quinoa, pasta, whole-grain bread, and more. Generally, the ideal amount to consume complex carbs is 170 to 230 grams a day.

Drink Plenty of Water

You must have heard, “To stay happy, stay hydrated.” I used to think drinking plenty of water was overrated until I became a fitness trainer and felt the difference myself. Drinking loads of water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps you detoxify your body.

You can start with drinking 8 glasses of water a day and then increase the number of your glasses. One more thing: If you do a lot of physical activity, drink at least 12 glasses of water a day to maintain your body fluid levels. 

Skip Processed and Sweet Food

Simply put, getting six-pack abs is not possible if you do not cut processed or sweet food from your diet. Eating processed and sweet foods de-shapes your body and increases your calorie count, making it impossible to gain healthy muscles with no fats.

Cutting bacon, ice-creams, and other junk can be too hard, but you must avoid junk to reach your goals. So, say goodbye to processed foods to see the difference.

2. Doing the Right Exercises

The second step is to perform the right type of exercise that can serve your goal. Exercises that help the most in getting a lean abdomen with six pack abs are crunches and planks. However, there are many variations in performing crunches and planks. So, let me explain that to you!

Types of Crunches

The following are the crunch variations that you need to perform for six pack abs:

  • Basic Crunches

To perform basic crunches, you need to lie down on your back while keeping your knees bent on the exercise mat. Keep your feet planted on the ground and your hands on the back of your head. Keep your head, neck, and back aligned, putting strain on your belly. After that, lift your back off the floor and hold this position for two to three seconds. It is time to get back to the floor in the starting position, and that is one rep!

I will suggest you perform 4 sets of 12 reps in a day. 

  • Reverse Crunches

When I was on my journey to get six-pack abs, reverse crunches helped me a lot. So, to perform reverse crunches, lie on your back while keeping your knees bent and feet firmly grounded on the floor. Keep your arms straight on the floor, ensuring your palms facing down. Raise your knees over your hips, keeping them bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Then, return to the original position by bringing your feet down.

That is one rep! I will say perform 4 sets of 12 reps once a day.

  • Bicycle Crunches

I have always enjoyed bicycle crunches since they are distinctive to your body.   When performing bicycle crunches, lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Place your knees in a pedaling position by bending and raising them. Raising your shoulder blades, bring your left elbow into contact with your right knee, and then rotate your hips to bring your right elbow into contact with your left knee. Keep on pedaling and rotating to perform this exercise.

As a fitness trainer, I suggest doing this exercise four times (12 reps) a day.

  • Overhead Crunches

Overhead crunches not only help with abs but also strengthen your arms. Lay on your back and ground your feet while you perform overhead crunches. Now, bring your arms over your head by straightening them, and make sure your palms are facing upwards. Lift your torso just like the basic crunches, keeping your arms over your head. It is important to align your back, neck, and head.

Perform 12 reps in four sets a day to see good results.

Types of Planks

Now that I am done explaining crunch variations, it is time to discuss planks. As a fitness trainer, I believe that planks are the most interesting yet effective exercise for reducing belly fat and getting six pack abs. However, the most interesting fact about planks is that you can perform them in many ways. So, let me explain it to you!

  • Basic Planks

I bet most of you are aware of the rituals for performing basic planks. However, let me still share the guidelines for the safe side. To perform planks, lie on your belly on the mat. Now, place your palms on the mat at shoulder-width apart by keeping your forearms straight on the mat. Place your feet on the mat just like you do in a pushup position. Now, align your core, back, neck, and head while holding in the position for 20 to 30 seconds.

That is one rep for you! To me, the best frequency is performing two sets for 30 seconds a day.

  • Side Planks

Side planks are also a good way of building abs. To perform side planks, lie on your right side, keeping your right elbow bent. Your left leg should be placed right under your right leg, and your elbow should be right under your shoulder. Try staying in the position for at least 20 to 30 seconds. Then, come back to the initial position.

That is your one rep! I would suggest you perform 2 sets of side planks for 30 seconds on both sides.

  • Extended Planks

To perform extended planks, get into the position of basic planks. Now, extend your arms on the floor and put your weight on your fingertips and toes. Try staying in this position for 20 to 30 seconds.

This is how easy extended planks are! That is one rep for you, and try performing two sets a day.

3. Develop a Consistent and Effective Routine

You must understand that “CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY.” You can not achieve your dreamy body without consistency in your routine. Obviously, to gain something valuable, you have to put in effort. So, I suggest you exercise regularly and keep your diet balanced. Otherwise, getting those perfectly ripped six-pack abs is nearly impossible.

Final Takeaway

If you are looking for an easy way to gain abs, this is not going to happen. Well, there is a right way to get a six-pack, so you must be consistent with your routine. As a fitness trainer, I recommend increasing your physical activity, especially exercises that involve putting pressure on your abdominal muscles. Moreover, improve your food consumption by adding more protein-rich foods to your diet and avoiding junk and processed food. Lastly, stay motivated and patient in this journey.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Six Pack?

Being a fitness trainer, I will be fair to you! There is NO cheat code to a six-pack swiftly. Getting abs depends on your body weight, belly fat, diet, physical activity, and genetics. If you are consistent with a good routine, it may take up to six months. However, getting abs can also take one to two years, depending on how your body responds.

How to Get Abs in 30 Days?

In my fitness career, I have been asked countless times how to get abs fast or in 30 days. Well, getting abs in 30 days is not realistic at all. It is a long procedure that involves fat-burning and muscle-building. So, you have to be patient while building abs.

When Does Abs Get Visible?

In order for your abs to be visible, you need to lose at least 50% of your body fat. At this point, you can see your abs coming out. However, to witness a fully ripped six-pack, you need only have 10 to 14% of body fat.

Are Six Pack Abs Permanent?

Unfortunately, it is a no. As hard as getting six-pack abs is, maintaining them is no different. You will eventually gain fat if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle and engage in enormous physical activity. And sadly, this will cause you to lose your abs.

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