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November 30, 2022by Alma Curry0

Abs exercises aren’t something to show off your abs; they are essential for the strong core and integral to a strong core. Mostly, the first goal for every beginner is to make their 6-pack abs at gyms. But many people don’t know what exercise can be more effective and on which gym equipment they can perform the exercise for abs.

How can abs training bring positive changes to your body besides 6-pack abs?

But before getting into the abs exercises, let me tell you strong core is very important for your posture, mobility, and strength. Without a strong core, you may face issues like lower back pain or issues in lifting some weight.

How can abs training bring positive changes to your body besides 6-pack abs

On the other hand, abs exercises help you perform better and move more freely while doing other exercises at the gym. You require a strong core if you want to do some powerhouse lifts such as deadlifts and squats. Further, plyometric exercises and agility workouts also demand a strong core.

So, if you want to know the list of benefits of the abs exercises, then the list will be endless. And most importantly, who can avoid perfect 6-pack abs while having good mobility, posture, and a strong core?

What are the most effective abs training to do at the gym?

Next time, you can pick 2 or 3 exercises from this article whenever you decide to go to the gym. Also, if you stick with only 2 or 3 abs training exercises, you will see results with time, and it’s a promise that you will feel the fat burn in the belly area.

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Let’s get started so you can learn how to work out abs in the gym with different gym machines.

Abs training exercise with Pull-up bars

Hanging leg circles:

Grip the pull-up bar parallelly with your palms while your arms will remain extended. Also, the bar should be long enough to hang on it without touching the floor. Draw a circle in the air with your straight legs and engaging core.

Moreover, make sure you keep your abs tight so your body does not swing forth and back. After completing one circle, reverse the circle, which will be 1 complete rep. You have to do 8 to 10 daily.

Further, you can use a chair as the support because it will provide more stability.

 Hanging bicycles:

This is the most fun training exercise at the gym because you look like you are running in the air. But it sure does work. Extended arms and palms remain parallel while griping the pull-up bar. Your grip will remain the same as you do in the hanging leg circles exercise.

After griping and positioning, you have to curve your knees to a 90-degree angle, and your thighs will parallel the floor. Then you have to pedal with your flexed feet as you are riding a bicycle. You have to repeat this as quickly as possible while maintaining the balance for 30 seconds.

Abs training exercise with the Cable machine

Abs training exercise with the Cable machine

Cable isometric hold:

Many people think cable machines are hard to use. But in reality, cable machines are much easier than you think or imagine if you know the right technique. 1st stack a lightweight, so you can pull the cable with ease. The ideal weight for abs training exercise will be 10 pounds or fewer for the 1st time. You can raise the weight if you are comfortable, but it is not recommended for the 1st time to exercise with high weight.

Stand next to the machine and ensure you will be facing the left side of the machine, where you can easily stretch your arms. Pull the cable with both hands while arms remain straight, and extend both arms equal to the chest height. Your body must be in a half-squat position while holding a steady weight.

Hold the cable straight in front of your body, and do not twist your body toward the cable machine. Hold it for 30 seconds while maintaining the perfect posture, and then switch sides.

Cable oblique crunch:

The weight stack will be medium on the cable machine for this exercise, and the carriage will be close to the floor. If you do not know how to do these settings, you can always ask gym staff to do it for you.

Stand with the machine in a way that your right side will be perpendicular to the machine. So can hold the cable with the right hand while placing the left hand behind your head.

Now, perform a standing side crunch, engage your obliques, lean to the left, away from the machine, return to the starting position, and repeat these reps 10 to 15 times. When done with one side, change the side and do the same exercise with the other side.

Abs training exercise with the Bosu ball

Abs training exercise with Pull-up bars

Mountain climbers:

This one is the easiest abs training exercise. For this exercise, you have to place the Bosu ball bubble upside down, where the flat side of the ball will be the upside. You have to start with the plank position and make your grip on the edges of the flat side of the Bosu ball.

Then, bring your right knee towards the left elbow and your left knee to the right elbow, like you are climbing a mountain. Repeat this exercise, and ensure you are going as fast as possible for 30-45 seconds.

If you want to do it more easily, you can forget about your elbows and bring your knees close to your chest.


Place the ball’s flat side down and sit in the middle on the bubble side of the Bosu ball. Keep your knees together and bend them. Keep your core engaged and straighten your back while having your feet on the floor.

Once you make your balance on the Bosu ball, you can lift your feet off the floor slowly and lean your back slightly backward so you can keep your balance. Raise your arm straight to the height of your knees so your body can make a V shape out of it. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Abs training exercise with Abs roller

Abs training exercise with Abs roller

Abs roll with side rotation:

If you haven’t tried this equipment yet, then you are up for a fun treat because it is actually fun to use. And what can be more amazing than having fun and making your abs strong at the same time?

Kneel on the mat, hip-width apart. As you come forward, arch your abs roller to the right to activate your obliques. Grip the abs roller handles and roll forward, activating your core. Roll out as far as possible without allowing your hips to fall to the floor or raise them.

Return to the starting position slowly and roll out again, arching to the left. One rep equals one roll to each side. Perform 10 to 12 reps.


It is good to think about better health and make an effort to do different workouts. But if you are new to workout or going to the gym, you shouldn’t have to do a workout recklessly because gym equipment can be lethal for you. So it is best to hire a trainer to get better results and to eliminate the risk.

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