A Quick Guide to Basic HIIT Workouts for Men

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All men are meant to look chic and cool! 

For that, you need to focus on your muscles and build more strength. Having a well-toned body is a dream of every other guy. But that dream comes to reality when you follow a proper workout routine or exercise. 

If you are already doing cardio or aerobic exercises, you spend more time and see nearly half of the desired outcome. To help you achieve your finely toned, dreamy body faster, HIIT Classes (high-intensity interval training) can help you! It takes your fitness game to the next level in a relatively short period. It has gained more recognition over the past few decades. According to research, the global HIIT market size was valued at $7.28 billion (approximately £5.73 billion) in 2019, which is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 33.3% till 2027. 

Now, you may think that you are just starting your fitness journey. Don’t worry; you can still do the HIIT even if you are a beginner! It has nothing to do with your level of previous fitness records but your consistency and strength. Moreover, HIIT exercises are the most effective way to burn maximum calories and improve your endurance and strength

So, if you are ready to embark on your fitness journey, let’s buckle up for a definite change in your body. This blog covers everything you need to know about HIIT workout routines for men. 

If you’re ready to push your limits, let’s get started! 

What HIIT Really Is?

High-intensity interval training is an advanced form of training compared to cardio and aerobics. It is based on the inverse relationship between exercise intensity and duration. Simply put, the harder you work, the shorter the duration. Isn’t it incredible? 

Additionally,  according to Mike, In HIIT, you increase the heart rate to the maximum level of exertion of 75-90% and then give some rest to recover your breath. This alternate high-intensity exercise with smaller breaks allows you to see results faster. 

Usually, the HIIT lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, with each exercise set comprising 20 seconds to 1 minute, followed by a rest of 10-15 seconds. In short, you can achieve your maximum fitness goals with HIIT in a short time. 

Moreover, it has become more popular over the past years because of its effectiveness and faster results. 

Why is HIIT More Effective?

Undoubtedly, fitness trainers and enthusiasts pay special attention to HIIT, but there is something extraordinary about it. Right?

If you want to see your body toned up faster and better, there is no way to achieve it other than HIIT. This is what Mike Donavanik says about HIIT: You enjoy more health benefits in a shorter period of time. 

According to research, a 20-30 minute high-intensity workout can burn up to 720 calories over a day. However, an average person can burn around 400 calories with HIIT. Isn’t it effective? 

Additionally, it is not just limited to torching calories; high-intensity interval training also improves heart health. According to studies, HIIT has reduced the risk factor of cardiovascular diseases(CVD). Since this workout focuses on a group of muscles, it increases the VO2 rate and thus improves heart health, lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood. In this way, there are fewer chances of heart attack or CVDs. 

Similarly, for diabetic patients, HIIT can help maintain glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. It is effective for people of all ages because of its short duration with high-intensity training. As HIIT is based on the inverse relation between duration and intensity, it shows the best results faster than a steady cardio workout

Furthermore, targeting muscle groups with high-intensity interval training reduces belly fat and unnecessary weight.  In short, HIIT offers more health benefits in a short period and is more effective than any other workout. 

Basic Guidelines of HIIT Exercises for Men

Rather than starting with HIIT straight, it is important to follow proper guidelines to stay on track. So, remember the following things to ensure you do it right!  

Basic Guidelines of HIIT Exercises for Men

Warm-up: Start with a 5-7 minute warm-up exercise. It will buckle you up for the HIIT by preparing your body for the upcoming hardcore workout. 

HIIT workout: Put your energy into the HIIt to achieve the maximum output. It is important to follow a proper time duration to refrain from burnout. 

Cool Down: Since you have given your best in HIIT, it’s time to cool down and catch your breath. Between each set, recovering from the exhausting state is highly important. So, take advantage of the breaks properly! 

Form and Technique: These 2 are critical yet often neglected aspects in doing HIIT. Maintaining proper form and technique saves you from injuries and strain. Therefore, seek the guidance of a fitness trainer in performing high-intensity interval training. 

Progression:  After you have started HIIT and are doing well on the fitness track, you can slowly increase the duration and intensity of exercise to keep challenging your strength. 

5 Best HIIT Workouts for Men to Perform!

Since you are just beginning the HIIT workout, avoiding overtraining yourself at once with super hardcore exercises is essential. That’s why it is preferred for men to start with the basic 5 HIIT workouts. 

As you know, the core of a HIIT workout is to do a short all-out followed by small breaks between each rep. You can break down each exercise in 2-3 sets with 10-15-second breaks in between, or even do it in one set if you are fit enough! 

So, here’s how you can do it. 

Each workout

Work (secs)

Break (secs)


As many reps as you can do in the given time

45 sec

15 sec 1 set
30 sec 10 sec

2-3 sets


Follow the way you want to do it, either 1 set or into small sets. 

Now, let’s take a step closer to the best HIIT exercises for men! 

Burpee Roll up

Burpee requires a c movement while targeting multiple muscles of the body at the same time. Including the hamstrings, abs, chest, triceps, and shoulders, it simultaneously involves the upper and lower butt muscles. 

To do the burpee– start from the standing position with hands up in the air, then squat down, placing your hands on the floor right in front of you. Go into the plank position while kicking your feet back, and do a push-up. Now, push your heels and legs backward to retain your standing position with a jump with your hand overhead. Repeat! 

Squat Jumps 

Squat jumps mainly work on toning up the lower body and strength of the lower limbs. Additionally, it boosts the running and jumping ability of athletes and other people, which means it is the best HIIT workout for men. 

To do this exercise- again, start with the standing position in a way that your shoulder and feet are apart equally. Now, lower yourself in a squat position with your hands in front of your face. Make sure that your chest and knees are well aligned with your toes. Then, explosively jump from the squat position and maintain your standing position. Then repeat!

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is relatively easy; you probably have done it in aerobics or school. You can start your HIIT workout with this easier one and then move to the other exercises. 

To do the Jumping Jacks, start by standing straight with feet together and arms on your sides. Now, jump while spreading your feet apart equal in width to the shoulders and arms overhead, making your body the shape of an ‘X’ in the air. Now retain your initial position with hands on sides and feet joined. Then, repeat! 

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is an effective HIIT workout men can do to strengthen their core muscles. It also enhances the agility levels. To perform this, start with a plank position while keeping your arms straight down the shoulders. Keep your feet hip-width apart, pressing your toes downward. Bring your right knee towards the chest, then kick it back to the resting position. Bring your left knee towards the chest and repeat the same step. Make sure to maintain a rhythm while repeating mountain climbers. 

Jump Rope 

Jump ropes are commonly known for boosting stamina. No matter if you have a skipping rope or not, because what matters is the body movement, not the rope. This exercise involves your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves.

 To perform this. Start with a standing position and jump without bending your legs while keeping the arms moving vertically. Make sure to keep your chest in the upright position. Then repeat! 

The Nutritive Diet to Complement HIIT

Since you have been burning excessive calories with HIIT, it is important to keep the diet nutritious to stay healthy and active throughout your fitness journey. Such an intense workout can’t be done empty-stomach. Follow a diet plan to get the most out of the HIIT. Here is a brief on the diet to complement HIIT and your body’s needs! 

Fuel up before HIIT

Fueling up your energy tank is most important to gear up for an intense level workout. To show your best, you need to feed yourself with nutritious food; otherwise, you may feel down and sick for a HIIT. 

Make a schedule or diet plan to take carbohydrates and proteins in your pre-workout meals. Additionally, it should be consumed one or two hours before the workout. You can consider the following as your pre-workout meals:

  • Wheat bread toast with eggs or beans
  • Bananas or apples with milk or almond butter
  • Low-fat yogurt topped with berries 
  • Fish and potatoes 
  • A glass of milk with nuts 

Refill the tank After HIIT

Right after finishing the HIIT, it is essential to eat something to repair the muscle damage. Since the glycogen stored in muscles and carbs stored in the liver deplete during HIIT, refilling the stomach is important. 

For better results, take a 3:1 carb-protein diet to improve muscle recovery. The better you eat, the better you will be at the performance in the next workouts. So, give these diets a try to regain your muscle strength:

  • Meat on whole grain with some veggies
  • A cup of low-fat milk or a smoothie shake
  • Hummus with veggies and bread 

Moreover, refilling your stomach with a nutritious diet right after the HIIT is highly essential. The sooner you eat after a workout, the better the muscle recovery will be. So, make your pre and post-workout diet plan to fulfil your body needs during the HIIT workout routine for men! 

Concerns & Advice for HIIT workouts for men

HIIT sounds fascinating but more challenging than other workout routines. Though your male body possesses more energy and stamina than a female, some risks and concerns are still involved in performing HIIT. So, where you are toning up your body, be considerate and kind to your body! 

So here are some concerns and pieces of advice for you! 

  • High-intensity– HIIT workouts are based on intense bursts of activity. Its high intensity might put a strain on your body. Therefore, adopting the “SLOW AND STEADY, WINS THE RACE” attitude in HIIT is advisable. 
  • Risk of injury– As HIIT is twice as challenging as normal workouts, there is more risk of injury involved. If you put more stress on your body and treat yourself too harshly, the effect would be adverse. It is better to ask a fitness trainer before starting alone! 
  • Overtraining– There is particular emphasis on the resting time to recover from the exhausted state. If you do not take necessary breaks in between, there are more chances of burnout or overtraining. Just like Lee Jay says,

“HIIT has the potential to cause more harm than benefit.” 

Additionally, it is advisable not to do it more than 2-3 times a week with a break between each. Therefore, it is essential to let your body relax to regain strength after an intense burst of exercise. 

  • Heart Health– As HIIT targets multiple body muscles simultaneously, including the cardiovascular muscles, ensure your heart health is a priority. The overtraining might lead to cardiac arrest or angina. It is advisable to ask a Dr. if you have a past medical history related to heart health before starting HIIT.

The Final Advice! 

When you have decided to start following the HIIT workout routine for men, take smaller steps to achieve your fitness goals. It means gradual progression is better than complete burnout! 

For HIIT, start with low-intensity workouts first and then gradually increase the intensity along with simple warm-up and cool-down routines. Keep in mind that HIIT has the potential to undo its benefits, so be kind to your body! 

This blog is a complete guide to basic HIIT workouts for men, covering everything from basic exercises to diet and concerns in detail. It is a great source to embark on their fitness journey. So, if you are the one intending to tone up your body, this blog

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