What are the Best Christmas Workout Routine

We all have worked hard throughout the year to enjoy Christmas in a perfectly toned body, right? But during the holiday season, we crave eggnog, margaritas, and munching cookies – which I can totally relate to. 

Being a fitness trainer, I utterly understand how long we all wait to have a few cheat days when we can eat without keeping a calorie count and drink as much alcohol as our hearts desire. But we can not let the holiday season ruin our bodies, right? So, to stay in shape, we need to set a workout regimen.

Well, I am not asking you to go to the gym and perform cardio or other intense workouts, but we can perform an easy Christmas workout at home. Doing so allows us to be in our best shape and enjoy holidays like everyone else.

So, this year, I decided not to compromise my body and the Christmas fun as well. That is when I came up with a list of 12 days of Christmas workout. So, here I am, sharing my list with all my fitness fanatics. Let us embark on this journey together this year.

So, let’s delve right in!

12 Days of Christmas Workout

In all the Christmas gatherings, it gets quite challenging to find some time to follow our workout regimen. But keep in mind not working out during the holidays can de-shape you, and you might end up in sweat clothes after the holidays, which we do not want unless it is a breakup!

So, are you ready?

Keeping everything easy, exciting, and efficient, I prepared the following list for 12 days of Christmas workout. So, let us have a glance:

Christmas Day Exercise Duration or Reps
1 High Knees 2 reps (1 minute each)
2 Day 1+ Plank 2 reps (1 minute each)
3 Day 2 + Push Ups 10 reps
4 Day 3 + Burpees 6 reps
5 Day 4 + Slam Balls 5 reps
6 Day 5 + Bicycle Crunches 14 reps (7 by each leg)
7 Day 6 + Lunges 16 reps (8 by each leg)
8 Day 7 + Squat Jumps 10 reps
9 Day 8 + Plank Shoulder Taps 18 reps (9 by each side)
10 Day 9 + Tricep Dips 10 reps
11 Day 10 + Leg Raises 11 reps
12 Day 11 + Star Jumps 12 reps


Follow the above exercise chart to stay the best of your health. The way to follow it is to keep adding the exercises of previous days in the next days. For instance, on the second day, perform exercises of the second day followed by the day one exercise, and so on.

Mastering Christmas Workout Routine: How to Perform?

You might not be familiar with all the exercises I have mentioned in the chart. But no worries! Take a look below to understand how to perform each exercise:

Mastering Christmas Workout Routine How to Perform

1. High Knees

Performing high knees is not only easy but effective. It directly affects your lower body and burns fat efficiently. The following are the guidelines for performing high knees properly:

  • Stand and keep your feet apart by hip-to-shoulder width.
  • Keep your head straight and leverage your core muscles.
  • Now, bring your right knee up towards your chest and try to raise it above waist level.
  • Similarly, raise your left knee and repeat the process quickly, engaging both legs.

2. Plank

While performing planks, my friends, alignment is the key. This easy-to-perform exercise helps strengthen the core and reduce stubborn belly fat. The following are the ways to perform plank at home:

  • Place your hands on the mat, keeping them at a distance wider than shoulder width.
  • Ground your toes into the floor, just like a push-up position.
  • Stabilise your body by squeezing your glutes and make sure you do not hyperextend your knees.
  • Keep your neck and spine neutral and your head aligned with the back.
  • Stay in this position for about a minute.

3. Push-ups

Push-ups directly affect your upper body and strengthen your arms and shoulders. But if you do it right, it will help you strengthen your core and back as well, reducing your belly fat. The following are the guidelines for performing push-ups correctly:

  • Place your hands on the mat at a shoulder-width distance.
  • Ground your toes into the mat and extend your legs, forming a straight line with your back.
  • Bring yourself lower till your elbows are at 90 degrees.
  • Now push yourself up, keeping your arms straight.
  • Now, repeat the process without any pause.

4. Burpees

Burpees strengthen your whole body amazingly. It involves groups of muscles and greatly impacts them in improving the overall state of your body. The following are the guidelines for performing burpees:

  • Stand by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, putting your weight on your heels.
  • Bring your body into a squat position by pushing your buttocks back and bending your knees.
  • Now, ground your hands on the floor inside your feet, putting weight on your hands.
  • Jump your feet back into a plank position, keeping your body straight from head to toe.
  • Jump your feet back, landing them outside your hands.
  • Bring your arms overhead and jump into the air.
  • Repeat the procedure, starting from a squat position.

5. Slam Balls

Slam balls help strengthen muscles, starting from the shoulders all the way down to the lower limbs. This workout will enhance your metabolism, making sure your Christmas diet does not impact your body shape much. So, the following are the steps to perform slam balls effectively:

  • Pick a slam ball in your hands and stand straight.
  • Elevate your arms, bringing the ball over your head.
  • Tight your core and throw the ball while going down into a squat position.
  • Now, pick the ball and repeat the procedure with the full range of motion.

6. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches do wonders in keeping your entire core in shape. And if you are like me, who gets belly fat within seconds, bicycle crunches make this worry go away. The following is the right way to perform bicycle crunches:

  • Lie down on your mat, pressing your lower back into the floor.
  • Bend your knees, but keep your feet flat on the mat.
  • Take your hands behind the head, interlocking fingers to give better support to your head.
  • Straighten your left knee, keeping the shins straight, and turn your left elbow toward your right knee (ensure you move your upper body in the right position).
  • Now, straighten your right knee and bend your elbow toward your left knee, driving your upper body in the left position.
  • Repeat the procedure.

7. Lunges

While performing lunges, you engage multiple joints in the exercise. Lunges help strengthen and shape the lower body, keeping more muscles and less fat. The following are the proper guidelines for performing lunges:

  • Stand in a split stance position, keeping your right foot two to three feet ahead of your left foot.
  • Keep your torso straight and your hands on your hips.
  • Bring your body lower by bending your knees, keeping the front thigh parallel to the floor and the back knee just a few inches above the floor.
  • Return to the standing position and repeat (perform equal reps with both legs).

8. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are an intense workout that helps you burn Christmas calories easily. It works on the lower limbs amazingly and also helps reduce belly fat. The following is the right technique to perform squat jumps:

  • Stand straight by keeping a hip-width distance between your feet.
  • Open your chest and keep your arms ahead to ensure balance.
  • Now, bend into a squat position, keeping your knees behind the toes.
  • Jump explosively up by swinging your hands over your head.
  • Repeat the procedure.

9. Plank Shoulder Taps

Plank shoulder taps work on your whole body. It not only strengthens your core but glutes, arms, shoulders, and waist as well. In addition, if you have a problem with back pain, it will do wonders for you. The following are the guidelines for performing plank shoulder taps efficiently:

  • Place your hands on the mat at the shoulder-width distance and get into the plank position.
  • Ground your feet shoulder-width apart on the mat (keep the distance as much as you can since it will make the exercise easier).
  • Lift your one hand off the mat, tap on the opposite shoulder, and bring the hand back to its position.
  • Now, lift the other hand to tap the opposite shoulder and bring the hand back to its position.
  • Repeat the procedure.

10. Tricep Dips

Tricep dips strengthen and tone up your arms, shoulders, and chest. If you want to ensure the best-ripped shape of your tricep brachii, tricep dips are very effective. The following are the steps for performing this exercise:

  • Stand tall in a set of parallel bars.
  • Grasp each bar with a good grip and ensure your palms face each other.
  • Now, jump, locking out your arms.
  • Make sure to stack your wrists and align your shoulders with your joints.
  • Make a cross with your ankles behind you.
  • Pull your shoulders back by leaning a little.
  • Keep your elbows close while lowering yourself.
  • Now, return to the starting position by straightening your arms.
  • Repeat the procedure.

11. Leg Raises

Leg raises provide core strengthening and stability. It not only improves flexibility but also treats back pain, knee and hip injuries, and weak muscles. The following are the right guidelines for performing leg raises:

  • Lie down on the mat, keeping your back pressed and legs stretched in front of you.
  • Bring your lower limbs parallel to the floor by bending your knees.
  • Now, straighten your legs at a 90-degree angle, pointing them at the ceiling.
  • Bring your legs back to the floor slowly and repeat the procedure.

12. Star Jumps

Star jump is an effective exercise that involves muscle activation to tone up your chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abs, glutes, and back. This exercise is amazing to enhance the overall shape of your body. Star jumps help strengthen and condition your body like never before. The following are the guidelines for performing star jumps:

  • Stand tall on the floor, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your knees and arms a little inside.
  • Jump in the air by bending your knees and going into a squat position.
  • While jumping, spread your arms and legs in the air, making a star shape of your body.
  • When coming down from the jump, tuck your arms and legs closely to your body.
  • Bow your knees while touching the floor.
  • Repeat the procedure.

Insights into Christmas Workout Experiences

Exercising during Christmas is equally challenging and fun. With all the holiday festivities, pushing yourself to follow a workout plan is overwhelming – that I truly understand! I vividly remember how many Christmases I have failed to follow my workout plan efficiently. But, this time, I will not let that damage happen to my body.

I have been going through the valuable insights of some fitness enthusiasts, which motivated me even better. Alyssa E’s words regarding the Christmas workout are;

“I admit that carving out some time for workouts during holidays is difficult. But 12 days of Christmas workout holiday-themed plan helps me ignite a spark of fun even on the busiest days. Also, I can not see my body going through the same I have been through. So, it is my way of maintaining a balance amidst holidays.”

Hannah Eden talks about the significance of a Christmas workout and shares her valuable insight by saying,

“Setting serious fitness goals during the holiday season is crucial. However, you can always set some realistic goals. The 12 days of Christmas workout can help you achieve smaller but meaningful milestones. An important thing to remember during holidays is that it is not about transforming in these 12 days but progressing. Each day, do a little better and push yourself a little harder to stay in the best shape.”

As a fitness trainer, I know how hard we work to achieve our dream body, and we forget all the work during the holidays. Well, it makes us cry later when we stand in front of a mirror and see undesired fat. Carl Cox shares his experience by saying,

“Every Christmas, I used to say to myself that a few cheat days won’t hurt. It’s Christmas, for God’s sake! But after Christmas, I used to regret seeing my inflamed and de-shaped body. So, last year, I realised that not eating during Christmas is not an option. What I can do is plan 12 days of Christmas workout so that my body does not compromise nor the holidays’ fun!”

So, considering these valuable insights, you understand how impactful a Christmas workout can be for you!

With the right plan in your hand, you need not worry about gaining fat and compromising your health as well as Christmas!

Happy Training, Happy Holidays

Being a fitness trainer, I understand nothing is more precious than a healthy body for a fitness enthusiast. Right? Well, maintaining it during holidays is a bit of a challenge. But do not worry! This Christmas, take charge of fun and health in your hands. And trust me, you can maintain your health, keeping the fun alive. So, follow the Christmas workout chart that I have compiled for my fitness fanatics, and let’s rock this Christmas together.

So, happy holidays, fam!

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