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In the current times, health and fitness are under the ultimate limelight. The fitness industry is considered one of the growing industries, as different people from all age groups are constantly improving and upgrading their lifestyles. Physical fitness is not just about a fit body shape or a nice muscular body but good stamina, strength and speed. Therefore, instant versatility has been monitored in the fitness industry. Customised fitness plans are among the most common fitness trends that help to achieve the preferred fitness goal more efficiently. From brainstorming practices to intensive workouts, the fitness industry has grown fast. 

Recently, the findings have shown that 37% of the total fitness-oriented population spends around half an hour in the gym on a daily basis. 

Since the awareness regarding fitness is spread globally, the trend is no longer a trend but turned into a lifestyle most people are willing to opt for. Daily base exercising leads to healthy body functioning, helps to relax the mind by reducing stress, and numerous studies have shown a boost in confidence levels. Whether you are a corporate employee working 9 hours a day or an ambitious sportsman, opting for a fitness routine makes you live a healthy life. 

The fitness industry offers you a vast range of workouts and fitness niches: 

There’s no point in working out when you are not enjoying it to the fullest. The fitness world is versatile as it offers various workouts, keeping personal fitness goals and benefits upfront. Each workout plan upholds its unique advantages and speciality, and many of these are incorporated to ensure that the client is utilising its fullest potential and getting the best results.

Here are some of the best workout styles in today’s time:

Best workout styles in today's time

  1. Yoga: Yoga is an ancient Indian practice consisting of physical postures and breathing to enhance the strength and flexibility of the person. 
  2. Weightlifting: It involves lifting high-intensity weights that increase the body mass, strength, and muscles. 
  3. Pilates: It’s a workout that involves both mind and body, which helps to enhance flexibility and body balance and strengthen your cores with very low-intensity training.¬†
  4. Cardio: Well, it is a very common workout style as it helps to burn calories and improves your heart health with a high-energy workout. 
  5. Callisthenics: It’s the best workout for enhancing body balance, strength and flexibility.¬†

Among the mentioned working styles, Callisthenics is the vividly growing workout style. 

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at callisthenics, a style of workout that channels your body weight to modify your physique, along with enhancing your mobility and leading to utilising your fullest fitness potential.¬†

Source:  Number of participants in callisthenics in the United States from 2006 to 2017 (in millions) 

Since 2006, the percentage of people opting for callisthenics as their workout plan has increased swiftly.

What is a callisthenics workout?

Along with enhancing your overall body fitness, callisthenics workout helps a person to build up body strength and improves the agility of your body by utilising your body weight. Study shows that it’s a very effective workout form yet very versatile. It requires minimal equipment, which is more efficient and accessible to a wider range of people.¬†¬†

How Calisthenics workout works:

Callisthenics workouts are based on the simple physics in which your body indulges in exercises which create resistance against the earth. It helps to build muscles along with strengthening your body. Various exercises are part of so many workout routines that numerous people practise on a daily basis, e.g. push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, planks, and so many more. Except they are not aware enough to know that it’s all a part of the callisthenics workout.¬†

Here are some callisthenics workout basics: 

1. Versatile workout plans:

¬†Calisthenic workouts are versatile as they can be tuned according to the exerciser’s goal or preference. It also helps monitor the person’s performance and growth by offering a Beginner callisthenics workout plan to advance the callisthenics workout.¬†

2. Do not Require equipment: 

There are only a few callisthenics workouts that may require any equipment, e.g. rings or metal bars, but usually, callisthenics do not need any gear for the workouts. 

3. Basic functional movements: 

Calisthenic workout plans are usually nothing but casual human body movements, making them more effective and efficient, which makes them more practical, especially in the beginner calisthenic workout. 

In the middle of the 19th century, Callisthenics became an influential form of physical education across Europe and especially in America. It was considered 

and embraced as an efficient workout style among fitness freaks and health-conscious people. Currently, calisthenic has emerged as a rapidly evolving workout style modified wand incorporated with another workout. 

It is considered one of the most effective form workouts for beginners. 

What are the features callisthenics compels: 

Well, various features are considered compelling, especially for beginners. 

features calisthenics compels

Very cost-efficient: 

Callisthenics do not require expensive subscriptions to a gym or equipment to begin. What’s needed is your physique, along with some basic equipment. e.g. rings or a metal bar.¬†

Very versatile: 

Calisthenic workouts are easily customised to your level of athletic ability, regardless of whether you are a newbie or an advanced fitness freak. Adjusting workout intensity or integrating modifications enables growth. 

Practical Stability: 

Callisthenics workouts emphasise functional movements that improve endurance and flexibility for routine chores.

Body balance: 

Callisthenics workout plans enhance consciousness of one’s body and muscle control, improving coordination and stability.

It’s for everyone:¬†

Callisthenics can be practised and is beneficial for anybody. It incorporates and modifies the workout plans, so it’s suitable for all age groups or fitness levels.¬†

Calisthenic community: 

The Calisthenic community is considered very united and supportive to Calisthenic beginners regardless of bias. Callisthenics are now practised globally and continue to grow among people looking for a good lifestyle. 

Callisthenics provides an integrated strategy for achieving your fitness goals, whether you’re seeking to build an effective basis of fitness, boost your physique, or enjoy a fun, challenging workout.

Here’s a guide to the Calisthenics Workout Plan:¬†

Assessing your current fitness and making a roadmap for achieving your desired fitness goal is essential. Following is a guide to the Calisthenics workout plan: 

Guide to the Calisthenics Workout Plan

Set your goal: 

Before diving into callisthenics, defining your fitness goals is essential. Knowing your purpose will help you tailor your workout plan to your objectives. Common calisthenic workout goals are:

  • Muscle strength
  • Weight loss
  • Stamina¬†
  • Operational fitness

Once you settle on a goal, choose a Calisthenic workout plan suitable for your fitness level and fun. 

Evaluating your fitness level: 

Understanding the current fitness level is crucial to designing an effective workout plan. 

These are the following you need to assess: 

  1. Strength
  2. Flexibility 
  3. Stamina and endurance
  4. Mobility

After analysing your fitness and setting a rational goal, make a personalised calisthenic workout plan. The plan must consist of: 

  1. A warm-up session. 
  2. Selection of exercises 
  3. Determining the sets
  4. Resting periods
  5. Progressing the workout 
  6. A cool-down 

The vitality of Full-body callisthenics workout:

A full-body calisthenic workout plan is crucial yet effective as it helps engage multiple body muscles and maintains a regulated fitness reign.  

It is very essential to target all the important muscles in your body. To make sure your callisthenics workout plan is targeting your full body, it’s very important to include the following:¬†

  1. Upper-body exercises.
  2. Focused Core exercises.
  3. Exercises targeting the lower body.
  4. Exercise that enhances stamina.
  5. Exercises increase flexibility and agility. 

Progressing and scaling for the next fitness level is essential with a Full-body callisthenics workout. It is very important to enhance your adaptability characteristics. Starting With the small variations, increase the current fitness level with the following steps: 

  • Make your exercise easy if it’s difficult initially by breaking it down into portions. e.g. if you can’t do a complete push-up, start with the bended knees.¬†
  • Add difficulties in your workout once you have mastered an exercise; try making it harder, e.g. single arm push-up.¬†
  • Gradually increase the sets of your routine once you start to feel very comfortable in the existing ones.¬†
  • Cut down your rest periods by reducing the resting time.¬†
  • By adapting your Full-body callisthenics workout routine over time, you will gradually progress in your fitness level.¬†
  • Meridian Fitness is offering a full-body callisthenics workout:¬†
  • Meridian Fitness provides the best full-body calisthenic plans and an adequately supportive and friendly environment to ignite your Callisthenics journey.¬†

Here are some compelling features that Meridian Fitness provides: 

Availability and flexible scheduling: 

In the current times, flexible scheduling is essential as it helps to accommodate the participants according to their availability and mood to do Calisthenic workouts. 

Highly experienced callisthenics workout staff: 

Meridian Fitness understands the major and important role a trainer can play in anyone’s fitness journey of Beginner callisthenics. So Meridian Fitness selects trainers who are experienced and highly knowledgeable as they can guide you best.¬†

It is hard to overstate fitness as it leads towards a healthier and better lifestyle. 


Finding your perfect fitness routine is difficult but not impossible. Opting for a healthy lifestyle, building strength, and shedding weight is a long journey, but a callisthenics workout makes it fun. Meridian Fitness provides you with the best Callisthenics classes and expert trainers so you can build on your strength with fun. Meridian Fitness provides an environment that highly contributes to a fitness journey, especially for beginner callisthenics.


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