Uniting nature, science and aromatics to rejuvenate your skin, body, and mind.

What’s So Special About Us?

Run by true professionals, Meridian Fitness is a luxurious spa & sauna in Greenwich. It’s the perfect place to get a soothing massage, a revitalizing facial, or a deluxe manicure.

Personalised Treatments

Our deep understanding of facial mapping technology, products, and different lifestyles enables us to fulfill customers' individual requirements.

70+ Spa Treatments

We offer a wide range of spa services, including facials, massages, body treatments, laser hair removal, and manicures & pedicures for all genders.

Natural Cleansing

At Meridian Fitness, we use natural elements, intricately blended aromatics, and ELEMIS products for cleansing to ensure you get the best treatment.

Why Do We Use ELEMIS Spa Treatments?

It’s not only us; all the best spa centers prefer using ELEMIS products for men’s and women’s spa treatments, and the answer is hidden in the details

Superfood Skincare

ELEMIS products are infused with balancing Prebiotics, innovative fermented plant actives, and an abundance of vitamin-rich Superfoods.

Pioneering Treatments

These are naturally sourced and science-led award-winning face and body treatments, which are used by over 6.5 million customers every year.

Guaranteed Results

ELEMIS uses the finest ingredients, so you can expect that each treatment does exactly what it professes to offer the richest possible results.

Try Our ELEMIS Biotec Facials

ELemis Biotec has Arrived to Energies
Elemis BIOTEC has arrived to energize

As we age and our lifestyle changes, our skin loses energy, leaving it looking dull and tired and in need of a powerful wake-up call.

Biotec works By Boosting Skin Evergy
BIOTEC works by boosting skin energy

Phyto-bioactive, amber and a trio of acids optimise the perfect microflora of the skin to intensely hydrate and nourish your skin.

See The Difference in One Treatment
Experience the difference first-hand

A potent bio-energy complex of encapsulated zinc and copper bursts on contact to kick-start your skin’s natural bioelectricity.

The Results are Incredible
The results are incredible

ELEMIS Biotec facials are scientifically proven to increase cell energy by up to 27%. Your skin will look healthy, fresh and revitalised.

Visit Meridian Spa

Visit Meridian Spa

Start your wellness journey with Meridian Fitness. With us, You can

Make Last Minute Appointments

We accept last-minute appointments so you can have instant access to a luxury spa and sauna.

Get Gift Vouchers

With gift vouchers, you can buy spa treatments for friends or choose to pamper yourself later.

Enjoy Premium Membership

Platinum membership allows you to use monthly spa credits toward any of our myriad treatments.

Don’t Ignore The Benefits

Spa Treatments aren’t only about the feel-good Experience. They are a wellness shot for your skin with physical and mental benefits that impact overall health.

Healthy Lifestyle

Regular spa visits, as part of your natural routine, help you get the most out of your yoga classes and healthy diets.

Relieve Stress

With a good spa treatment, your body releases endorphins, which ultimately reduce stress and anxiety.


A full body massage helps you feel physiologically cured so that you can make the best use of your creativity.

Sculpt your body, lift your spirit, and thrive together

Create your own routine with the best gym in London. Participate in fitness classes or choose personalised training and start your journey to a better you with Meridian Fitness.


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FAQs About Spa in Greenwich, London

What types of spa treatments do you offer?

Meridian Fitness offers a wide range of spa treatments. Our services include facials, massages, body treatments, laser hair removal, manicures, and pedicures. Our certified therapists can cater to our customers’ various individual needs and preferences.

Yes, our spa treatments are suitable for all genders. At Meridian Fitness, you can get a relaxing massage, a revitalizing facial, or any other spa service. Our skilled professionals ensure a personalised spa experience for everyone.

We believe in offering the best to our clients, including skincare products. ELEMIS products are renowned for their high-quality, natural ingredients and innovative formulas. These skincare products promise optimal results and a luxurious experience for our clients. This is why we exclusively use ELEMIS products for our spa treatments in Greenwich.

Yes, we offer spa packages and memberships for regular visitors in Greenwich. Our Platinum membership allows you to enjoy monthly spa credits that can be used towards any of our treatments. Additionally, we offer gift vouchers so you can treat your loved ones or yourself to a pampering spa experience.

You can book a spa appointment in advance at Meridian Fitness online or by phone. You can easily schedule your appointments through our website or mobile app at your convenience. However, we recommend you give us a call for last-minute bookings so that we can do our best to accommodate you.