August 2018 - Meridian Fitness

August 21, 2018

If you think that you are physically fit, then here is the challenge to test your fitness level. Get ready to test your core strength stability with some of Ashley Borden moves that will be amazing for you. It’s time to beat this fitness gear challenge that can test your stability in the best way. and if you are looking for the best exercise through which you can make your balance improvements then these are the right exercises and take your exercise routine to the next level, these Waff Mini moves will certainly do the trick. For these exercises you will use the waff mini tool to improve the balance of your body.

Plank with Toe Taps Technique

First you need to keep yourself in the plank position with your hands on either side of the Waff Mini that will act as your support to balance your body. With the alternate move of your feet like tapping your toes back and forth and ins and out can play this game better.

Staggered Squat

In this technique you will use the two Waff Minis under your feet. You just need to position your legs in Stagger position as left leg in front of your right as you balance. Get your level lower into the deep squat.

Hamstring Sit Backs

You can place your knees on the Waff Mini. Place yourself in this position and sit your hips and glutes back and straight your arm forward.


You can check your balance level by keeping your hands-on waff mini and toes on another. Now try to do the series of push ups by balancing your body. It can really work out for your core strength.

Snow Angels

For this passion you need to have two Waff Minis that is placed under your stomach and thighs respectively. In this position you need to extend your arms forward by keep in your toes on the ground. Keep try to do swimming movements with your hands as you’re making a snow angel.

Teaser Holds

It may be the most difficult pose to balance yourself, you just need to Sit your booty on the Waff Mini and keep your legs in a V-up position. try to keep your balance in the best position.These exercises can really strengthen your core in the best way and will improve your body balance with time to time.


August 1, 2018

We all know about the phenomena of yoga. It is considered to the best exercise to keep yourself fit. It includes the meditation and has 84 basic poses. Today we have some poses for you that is used by your favourite personalities to boast their physical and emotional wellness.


It is one of the best yoga poses of Noemi this pose she can really have good sitting pose that can boas the mood and just opens her up, brings her joy, and it makes her feel good.” Try this pose as it is one of the good pose that can bring a joy for you.

Supta Virasana

Krissy Jones explains that her favourite pose is Supta Virasana.  In this pose there is many benefits for your ankles, and hips a nice stretch, and it’s a backbend as well. you can also try it for your fitness pose. You can start your day with these amazing poses to find the great boast of energy.

Supta Baddha Konasana

Lauren Taus explains that Supta Baddha Konasana is the favorite yoga posture. It is executed with one hand on the heart, the other one on the belly. She adds, it’s like a physical gesture of friendliness, of kindness. And when we can integrate that into our lives off of the mat, everybody fares a whole lot better.


If you really want to increase the effectiveness of your body, then you will experience that it is cool measure of my development. She also adds that, I’m able to go deeper,’ or ‘I can hold it longer,’ or ‘I’m more balanced today.’ And it just looks really cool.”  You can also experience this amazing exercise to get more balanced personality regarding your fitness level.


It doesn’t matter whether you are beginner or expert, you must know how to get ready for Gomukhasana. Chloe Kernaghan says, “I have a love-hate relationship with a pose called Gomukhasana”.

All these poses of yoga somehow create the great spiritual and physical effects in your personality that can improve your performance as well. you can try all this yoga pose and follow your favourite star as well. you will also see the great improvements in your personality with time and optimum energy while practising your daily routines.